Tales of woe of the Crescent Moon

Crescent moon

The earth laid out the new carpet she had woven

Beckoning me to seat myself on the silky grass

Cool and soft, freshly scented

Caressing my tired limbs, tickling my aching feet.


The firefly with her tiny torch flame

Signaled to me that somebody special

Waited for me behind the palm fronds

Patiently, since twilight, like a love-lorn lover.


Just then a slice of the milky moon

Wedged between the great palm leaves

Peeped out shyly, with her beaming smile

Not sure if I would care enough to notice her.


Wonder-struck at her simple elegance

I gazed, at the sharp tilted edges of her lips

Mesmerized I asked her why she always preferred obscurity

When she should be dancing across the sky.


“Well it’s my full-bodied sister who gets the lime-light

When she makes her appearance, everyone goes wide-eyed

Queen of the skies, she wins over every heart

Poets rave about her brimming beauty

Lovers get drunk as she pours out her glow

When she arises majestically from the horizon

She can cast a spell and weave magic the whole night

Me, I am just her poor homely sibling

With not even half her talent and beauty.”


I suddenly became aware of my own short-comings

For never acknowledging this simple, modest child

Who timidly tries to shine nevertheless

Sending across her pale moonbeams

As far possible as her frail body can.


“You’re a poet, I wondered if…..” she hesitated

“I wondered if you could put in a word for me.”

A feeling of shame crept up on me

How many crescent moons do we ignore?

A society applauding rich megalomaniacs

Where simplicity and authenticity get side-lined

I vowed I would attend to the lesser ones

Who too crave for a kind loving word

Who would thrive and shine in their own light

Given a place and a space to nourish their art.


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Just a corner of my heart

Just a corner of my heart


This is where I lock up my feelings

Feelings sometimes ridiculed in a cruel world

Where a certain logic reigns supreme

Trying to bind every being with invisible chains.


Supremacy of the ego, with all its ugly facets,

Competition, rivalry and jealousy

Join together, often hiding behind a mask of prestige

Leading man to bite and snarl, growl and kill.


Killing the tender feelings, soft and soothing

Lying dormant in every beating heart

Not knowing that each pulse, each beat

Is still purity and love flowing through veins.


So I lock up safely my little joys

The minuscule specks of love and romance

The memories of touch, flaring with passion

Or soothing and soft, cool as a cloud.


Memories of kisses, exchanged in the heat of a love

Which melt down with a sweetness sticky and soft

A sweetness which clings on, lingering forever

Not wanting to leave this altar of love.


In this corner of my heart I arrange them neatly

To be taken out time and again

At the sight of a flower, at the hum of a bee

A secret joy known only to the heart and soul.


Just a corner of my heart, but the space is infinite

I go on adding meaningful moments

Everything tied to this precious love

Every ache, every scar, every throb brought by separation.


They say time wipes away everything, “but no”,

I say; we just lock our memories away

For eternity they lie, in this corner of my heart

Alive and throbbing, yet silent and still


I take them out, I put them back

In moments of solitude, often mistaken for loneliness

The radiance of these jewels, make my whole being

Glow with a silken light, soft and alluring.


Copyright ©angelbeams 2018

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Cup Of Love 

A poem expressing the essence of true love.

Rose Girl's World

I am on the other side of the river bank
And I hold my cup of love
up high
Precious nectar of the heart
that flows
Shimmering divine
I’d like to offer it to you
But I came from far
and I’m so tired and thirsty
So let me drink it first
Then please choose
If you’d like to drink
from this sacred cup of mine
If your heart is open
to receive
‘Cause this cup of deepest love
is for the braves
Who are willing to lose
everything they once believed in
And maybe
You too would like to share
your cup with me
And unblind me
with your truth
We only have a bridge to cross
So let us meet halfway
Let us be drunk by love
Drunk by our truth


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Kiss of a Spirit

kiss of a spirit


As I float gently through the night

Guided by a feeling not familiar to my senses

I reach the grove where time stands still

Cloaked by a darkness, with shadows immobile.


A whisper, a pulse, the fragrance of your breath

An eerie silence, when nature herself is aware

Of the distance you traversed, passing from realm to realm

To drop a simple kiss, on these quivering lips of mine.


A kiss so full of love, of thoughts sweet and joyous

As we try to recreate moments shared together

Before you left, for a world far beyond

Denied to me now, encased as I am in my body.


As lovers we meet, under the trees in the grove

Nature knows, of the profoundness of your love

She forbade the wind to whisper, the leaves to shake

Setting the perfect stage, for the flowing of your love.


A love denied expression, in the world where you lived

Like a normal human, with desires and dreams

When you too ached to be bound by all things material

Home and family, wealth and warmth.


Your dreams and your love, you took with you

Your passionate kiss, meant only for me

Powerless to gift it, as you cried in your deathbed

Gasping for that single breath, threatening to leave.


But that kiss was mine, it had to reach me

Blown across the thin etheric veil

The curtain separating your world and mine

Like a withering dandelion, it would scatter.


So under the grove, as the human world slept

You beckoned me, my soul, to come

With outstretched arms I floated along

For your precious kiss, an unexpressed love.


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Untouched Roses

Such lovely thoughts on roses. I look on them with renewed awe.

Rose Girl's World

I wish you could see
The beauty of the roses
in the backyard
Even though
Your eyes might not see
them no more,
They keep on

by what once happened
between two hearts
That were afraid
of the thorns

Seen by my eyes
Their colour of deep pink red
Their seductive scent
That caress
the air
I breathe
Rose petals wide open
to receive
The light of your eyes
once more

Do you see
through my eyes
How much they have grown?


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My Love………   

my love       


As we gaze at the moon

We believe,

Its rays shower their pearly glow on us alone,

Because we are special, you and I.


As we relish the night breeze

We believe,

It blows softly just to wrap us both in the fragrance of roses.

Two special lovers, you and I.


As we laugh at the waves

We believe,

They come rushing to tickle our feet since they like our laughter.

Pure, tinkling with the sheer joy of togetherness.


As we look up at the clouds

We believe,

The patterns they form narrate a special story.

The fairy tale of our love, so simple, yet so deep.


As we listen to the trees whispering

We hear,

An enchanting language, our special language

In which each word rings with the music of profound love.


As we quench our thirst

With water from the crystal stream

We taste,

The nectar of love,

The sweetness making us melt into little silver drops

Falling on earth with gay abandon.


This is our world My Love,

Where each blade of grass

Shimmers with a beauty beyond compare.

No words spoken, the stillness so enchanting,

So intoxicating, with the magic of love

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The Crystal Story

the crystal story

Gazing at my five crystal friends

Though mere stones, they seemed bonded for life

As they sit atop my angel altar

Happy and glowing, peaceful in each other’s presence.


Five of them, all alike and unlike

Clear white, with streaks, cuts and bruises

Specks of green and rainbow colours

Reflecting all of their splendour to me.


“Soulmates we are”, they began their story

“Eons old, together we travelled

Journeying along through different ages

Meeting mammoths, mankind, creatures of all sorts.


Breathing in air, sometimes under water

Atop mountains or hidden in deep caverns

Wherever we are, our energies vibrate

To a single rhythm with an elevated soul.


Our experiences are no less than yours

Love, loneliness, pain, we’ve seen it all

Gathered through our voyage across time

Across elements, across cultures as civilization unfolded.


These little cuts on us are scars of a memory

Painful sometimes, sad and despairing

These streaks and bruises also sing a story

Of an unkind Nature, shooting her molten lava around.


We tumbled and rolled, losing each other at times

Oh! The pain of separation! Unbearable sheer torture

As one lies alone amidst strange rocks

Silent tears solidifying into this pattern you see.


Finally we meet, as we are picked up by little hands

Angels, little children, fascinated by our patterns

They smoothe us with their loving hands

Clean us with precious sparkling water.


Here we are for you, grateful as we are

To be together forever, in your little corner

Pick us up, when you feel down and low

We can wipe your tears, as they flow from your soul.


Though not of flesh, not of your kind

We feel, we pulsate, throb and vibrate

Know that only forms and shapes differ

Emotions and sentiments, deep down, stay same…..

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