Another day ends with the moon rising slowly

I welcome you, twilight, though with a heavy heart

Birds taking flight to their faraway homes

The Earth preparing to rest her tired soul.


Trees opening their arms to shelter the creatures of the morn

After a tiring day of hunting and gathering

With droopy eyes, tired wings and limbs

Returning hastily to nests, holes, branches.


How serene you are, my twilight sky

Adorning your pinkish blue robe, pinned with a star

A solitary diamond, shining through the clouds

As they wave goodbye to the setting sun.


But what is it in me that brings forth this sadness?

The stars peep out, pretending to play hide and seek

Try to cheer me up with their twinkling gaze

The moon promises to shower me with its scented beams.


Still, somehow I pine for that which is lost

Though I know not for what I mourn

Maybe in the brightness of the daytime sun

My darkest fears hide in the corners of my heart


Maybe if my beloved was near me

I would be singing a different song

Then my heart would try to chase away the sun

Try to whip the clock into running even faster.


For, beautiful twilight, like a sweet bridesmaid

You usher in the deep, dark, mysterious night

Full of romance, silhouettes kissing deeply

What lovers yearn for, solitary moments of stillness.


But alas for me, you just pull the curtains down

On a play I was acting throughout the day

With the bright sun lighting up my empty loneliness

Which, you lovely twilight, now herald for me.

Painting by Laurel Daniel Courtesy Pinterest






A Goblet of Wine……………. No More

vin a goblet of wine

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

A golden goblet dropped from the Heavens

Fell right into my hands, I held it in wonder

Precious, full of rich, red wine

The taste Divine, flowing from Providence.


I sipped, swirled the wine over my tongue

Yes, Divine, poured directly by the Gods

Making me feel like one of them

Making me experience the other-worldly.


“This is what you asked for,” They reminded

“A taste of love higher than the one

Always surrounding you, the love of God,

Wrapping you eternally, though you know it not.”


“This is the love that man craves for,” They said

“Heady, rapturous, reverberating with your soul.

Drink of it, this wine; relish every mouthful.”

“For it is indeed the nectar of love, flavoured by passion.”


I drank and drank, savouring every drop

A lifetime of parched thirst quenched

Soothing, pulsating, cleansing, caressing

Melting the wounds, the scars in my heart.


Mine, all mine, I foolishly presumed

As this pouring seemed to stretch forever

Time standing still, as I plunged and swam

In all the heady sensations of touch and kiss.


The pouring forth stopped, the goblet vanished

Ephemeral, transient, though never a dream

My eyes were open, reality it was

As real as each note in the song of life.

Soul Fragments

soul fragments

                                                         (Pinterest – Wild Soul Wellness)

Feelings, feelings, swirling within me

Pieces of my soul in a hundred different forms


Love, big chunks wrapped and sent along

With each gaze, each act, in your direction

Each time you reject it, these bits of my soul

Are scattered aimlessly, floating, like a dandelion in the wind.


Joy, fine powder of my soul

Sprinkled in all my words and deeds

So fine they are, you can inhale them

Sending tinkling warmth along your veins.


Sometimes, my soul, shattered, sends

Shards sharp and stinging

Flying all over, often without aim

Hurting all around, with my angry bitter words.


Often in times of loss and sadness

My soul is squeezed with an invisible hand

Droplets of pain in the form of tears

Escape from mine eyes

Despite my pleas not to flow.


Melancholy, when my soul

Becomes a viscous liquid

Coursing through my body,

Making each movement sluggish

Too thick an emotion

To flow out of my eyes

A marshy swamp within me, sucking whole

The beauty, the fragrance, the essence of life.


Perhaps the ugliest form is jealousy

When my soul is split into streaks

Each one like an arrow flies out

Sometimes seen, sometimes hidden

Piercing my target, piercing his soul.


Along come loneliness and despair,

Descending heavily

Weighing a ton, my soul, crushing and shrinking

In vain, I search for a shoulder to lean on

Another soul, a mate whose hand I long to hold.


The lightest feeling comes as bliss

When my soul gets transformed slowly

Incorporating love, joy and passion

A heady mixture, making me tremble

In your presence it expands and reaches out

To merge as one, with your soul.

Untying knots of the past

invisible strings

( Picture courtesy: Pinterest. Painting Christian Schloe – Butterflies tied to Strings, “Wonderland”)


“Living in the present moment” seems to be the mantra in fashion, but those who preach seem to ignore the fact that feelings like hurt, worthlessness and anger are attached like fine, invisible threads to our experiences in the past. We are again advised to cut the strings and let go, but cutting them will still make us hold on to the little bit left which carries residual energy and torments us. The more attention we give to the pain, the longer the strings grow and attach themselves to newer memories. So instead of cutting them, better we untie them, one knot at a time, slowly, often painfully. Finally one fine day we untie the last tiny knot and let it into the light. Without the string we become capable of reliving the same memories in a new way, in a new light, in a stronger way. We become free. The memory might be strong and clear, but without the connection string, it becomes powerless to hurt us, scare us, anger us.

When well-meaning people in our lives tell us to “live in the present and forget the past”, they fail to see our invisible strings to the past. Like a live electric wire, these strings are so powerful that the painful energy gets conducted into all our thoughts, words and deeds. These strings are sensed only by angels; and also by angel-like human beings in the healing profession. In the same way that tiny drops of rain wash away the dust from the leaves and stem of a plant healers help us wash away dirty, stinking emotions. We emerge like the growing plant, with tender leaves and new buds and our stem becomes stronger.

Along with cleansing, strengthening of happy memories also helps the plant grow. Happy memories too have invisible strings attached to beautiful feelings. The more we think of them, the stronger these strings become, making us smile more often. Make these memories stronger; they become more vibrant than any photo taken. The strength is further amplified when we allow ourselves to feel gratitude for these beautiful moments. Each time we slip into our time machine and visit our dear ones whom we left behind somewhere along the way, the invisible strings get strengthened. Go back in time, laugh with your buddies, blush in front of your crush, do all the mad things you did.

Yes, you can do it. Ask your angels to give you cues and signs which trigger happy memories. Be grateful to all the people who contributed to them, forgive those who hurt you and let them off your treasure chest. Yes, you can do it. Life is but a string of pearls, pearls of all colours and hues, beautiful and divine.

Un Monde Noir

rose noir et blanc


How do I ever explain the magnificence of the mountains to you?

As they rise majestically to kiss the skies?

Their velvety green, you’ll never know

Their snow-white purity, you’ll never see

For you chose to enter this world sightless, with eyes that do not see.


How can I ever teach the colours of the rainbow

As it stretches far into the horizon?

Unlike its noisy siblings, the rain, wind and storm

It smiles gracefully at us after the histrionics end.

The rain you can feel, the bow you can trace

But the beauty of a rainbow, how do I reveal to you?


The song of the seas you can hear

The tickling of the waves you can feel

The scent of the beach is ever present for you

The taste of the salty breeze is nothing new

But how do you take in the vastness of the ocean?

For it stretches far beyond your arms outstretched

How can I make you see the shimmering diamonds

That the sunrays shower on the mighty surging waves?


What is a rose for you? A lotus? A tiny jasmine?

The thousand different blooms that Mother Nature displays in springtime?

How do you perceive the mightiness of an elephant?

Or the swiftness of a graceful deer?

Is a dancing peacock a splendid fan of brilliant blue plumes?

Or yet another source of bothersome cacophony?


How do I narrate to you the stories of the clouds?

As they act out each play in the open sky?

With the soaring eagles adding thrill and suspense

Against the changing colours of the twilight curtains?


Why did you choose your world without colours?

Without shapes? Forms? Light and shade?

But pity you, I need not do. For the glory of God

Is denied to no being on earth, big or small

I realize that it is I who is lacking

Being made a slave of mine own eyes.


Mine eyes which get duped by a plastic rose

A soulless thing with no fragrance or charm

Mine eyes which dictate that physical beauty

The colours slathered lavishly onto skin and hair

Bodies and faces chiseled to “perfection”

Reign supreme in a two-dimension world!


What fools we are! Submissive to one thing or the other

Even with God-given gifts we let one sense take over the rest

You are worthier than us, my dear child

For you listen, touch and feel

Your inner vision being clear as crystal

Gratitude flowing for all that you are given……




teardrop 2


A single teardrop shed,

Not out of pain but,

Of love gained.

For the flicker you kindled in my heart

Has grown into an everlasting flame.


Another teardrop shed,

Not for things lost but,

For the fulfillment that

Those sweet moments together hold

Rich enough to last a lifetime.


And another teardrop shed,

Not out of pining

For love lost but,

Out of the bliss

That thoughts of you bring.


And another and another shed…..

Since all I yearn in life

Is to bask

In the glory of your love.


And then one single large teardrop shed

Maybe, maybe……………..

For the missed second when you offered your heart

And I, in the numbness of youth,

Failed to reach out

And grasp it to my bosom.


Still the teardrops are forever fresh;

Dewdrops lazing languidly

In the rosebuds you planted in me

Refusing to vaporize.


They know it will always be dawn

For you are there, my love

The rising sun spraying

Freshness and light in my garden.


(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

Musings on love

Edgar Degas woman with a towel


Why do I keep denying this most tender of tender feelings?

What terrifies me of surrendering to its soothing embrace?

What holds me back from plunging into its all-consuming fire?

A fire so pure, consuming the muck I carry around

Gathered efficiently through ego-battles of a life-time?

The marshy swamps that course through my body

Which like quicksand pull down, deep down

All sentiments which qualify one to be called human

Man, priding himself to be the greatest of all beings on Earth

Man, transforming into a hideous entity

Devoid of love and its sibling emotions?


Dare to love, my dear heart

Let go of your false front

Which you hold on to out of vanity

Making it but weaker and weaker

Look in the mirror, stare deep into those eyes

Do you not see fear, pain and loneliness?

Those little slits through which your soul peeps

Desperately trying to call for help

To convey its terrible secrets to another?

Except for the eyes, the rest of this sculpted body of yours

Is nothing but a burqua shutting out the sunlight of love

From penetrating your heart.


Dare to love, my dear heart

Let cracks form, let feelings seep in

Like healing potions purifying the poison within

Let the marshy swamps coursing through my body

Churn and churn, throw out the mucky filth

Emerge victorious, for there is beauty and joy

Light and fragrance pouring gently

Awaiting the soul, cleansed and washed

With foamy waves of love and compassion.


(Painting by Edgar Degas. Woman with a towel. Courtesy Pinterest)