The unseen trophy

Higher and higher the mounts we scale

To breathe freedom, striving to unchain ourselves

From the shackles of toil, discomfort and stress

Perceiving it as our lot in a dense material world.

Yearning for freedom from the slightest movement

That this heavy body has to execute

Freedom offered by machines, gadgets and switches

Freedom from the need to lift a tiny finger.

Yet what is this thing we pine for?

To fill the vacuum filling our entire beings?

The vacuum that sucks out the meaning from our tiniest actions?

From the breath we take to the empire we build?

Chained by a life that poses unclear threats

Of these invisible bricks falling apart

When a fraction of change is introduced

When the slightest movement of stiff limb is desired.

Rarely is the milky fragrance of the moon inhaled

For, a few seconds spent in contemplation

Can cause a few of those invisible bricks of life

To tumble down, weakening the materialistic fort

So proudly erected over time.

Running and panting, we see but a figure

Running ahead, trying to covet the invisible prize

Faster we run, never realizing

Time meets us headlong from the opposite end.

Along the way the scent of the blooms

The poems recited by the wind

The fresh beauty of a maiden

Alive and vibrant, sparkling with youth

All is lost, in the pursuit of an unseen trophy.

For man possesses this intense urge to create

And recreate a universe and take pride in it

But alas! A parallel evil created alongside

Is the Ego taking mammoth proportions……

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Indian Painting by Venu Gopal Artcollective


The Missed Moment

As I look back, taking stock of each moment

Linked one to the next, to form a chain called Time

A sack we choose to fill with baubles and beads

Like children, we forage the woods of life

Gather tiny stones, believing them to be precious

Call them memories, souvenirs

Collected while travelling, from birth to death.

One such pebble, I have often tried to throw

Again and again into the river of Time flowing ahead

Somehow the pebble finds its way back into my heart

And nestles among the tiny rocks in my sack

This time I take a closer look

At the tiny pebble which refuses to leave

I see a face, your face lit up with love

Love for this little bud that I was

Love so powerful, to awaken the woman in me

Slowly I transformed into the passionate rose.

For days I waited, for the honeyed kiss

The dewdrops from your lips

I longed for them to be planted on my petals

I shook and I shivered

When the winds of your love

Swept me off my stem, my roots.

Alas, it never came, the kiss

Which would have made my fragrance sweeter

Which would have made my petals

A deeper, richer crimson

The kiss intoxicating everything around me

It never came, I blame my own thorns.

The pebble comes back, will never sink

Into the profound deep of Time river

It comes back, not choosing to become oblivion

But rather a reminder of sweet moments

Of lips quivering with passion and desire

Of the innocent first kiss, that never came to be……

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Painting by Michael Cranford Beach stones in shape of heart, Fine art america


The day dawns near when you come home

Come home to your dwelling place

Somewhere within me, a space so pure

A sacred space where clear waters flow gently

Calmly, eternally, washing away scars and wounds

Gathered along the voyage of life.

A voyage we undertook, each choosing our own way

Still we could see the way of the other

Through the looking glass, that thin wall of separation

Oftentimes I see and feel

What you yourself fail to realize

I perceive your heaviness, the fruits often bitter

As you sow the seeds of the same weeds

Sown by countless men chain-bound

Who struggle to bind even tighter those around.

Could you see me through the looking glass?

As I naively allowed a hundred loves

Into my altar, sacred, reserved for you

But the clear waters of the spring within

Scorched them all, reaching boiling point

On touching the tainted mockery pretending to be love.

We try not to hear the hidden plea for love

In the words we hurl at each other

We try not to see the love in our eyes

Hidden behind the veil of indifference

I desperately try to breathe in your essence

From your presence behind the looking glass

I can see the road stretching ahead of you

I see it, converging eventually with mine, to my doorstep.

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture : Aline at the gate. Pierre Auguste Renoir paintings reproduction

Sunshine Blogger Award

Wow! That came as a real surprise! To be recognized for your work in the world of blogging where what you write is literally a drop in the ocean. I thank sincerely Venus’s Beauty whose site is Trust me, you will discover some fantastic blogs here which strongly appeal to our feminine side. Men can also take a look and switch on their right brains by reading her posts on health, lifestyle, art and deco among other things. And moreover she writes in two languages, French and English, catering to a wider range of public.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions. ( I haven’t listed eleven)
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.

The questions I got from Venus are:

  1. What is your real job?

I guess I am always a teacher at heart. Whatever be the domain I choose, I guess I will be always imparting my knowledge and skills to the people willing to learn from me.

  • If you were given the chance to go back to the past and change something, what would it be? 

Hmmm, good question. But really, I do not think I would change anything. I have committed more than enough mistakes and blunders, but I guess without them, I would’nt have the clarity in life that I have now. I am convinced that all the moments that I passed through led to this present moment. As I believe in reincarnation, I know I can always choose to do whatever I have left out or correct my mistakes.

  •  What kind of person are you in real life?

Well, I would describe myself as just another woman in this world like a million others, with my share of victories and struggles, joy and pain. But I try to be as authentic as I can, recognizing and accepting my strengths and weaknesses. I let other people make their own judgements about me. I may call myself mild-mannered but there would be a whole bunch of people out there with whom I rubbed shoulders the wrong way who would call me aggressive.

  • Read a book or watch a movie?

Read a book any day, anytime. It helps me dive deeper into the character and move along with his experiences in a more intimate way. If the book offers some kind of wisdom or information, I know it will definitely transform me in some way. Though I do watch movies I am more of a words person. For me words are very much alive.

  • What is your opinion on feminism?

For me feminism is all about being more sensitive and nourishing, to oneself and to those around, while at the same time being grounded and strong. Sadly, it is the aggressive nature of all human beings, both men and women, brought about by excessive competition which seems to rule the world. I believe that even men can practise feminism by giving up some of the male privileges handed over by their respective cultures and helping their womenfolk to discover and enhance their own potential. Anyway, for me feminism should serve to bring harmony to this world as man and woman are just two parts of a whole. It should never serve to tip the balance to the other side.

  • What is your worst phobia?

Cockroaches. But I think I am slowly getting over it.

  • The country of your dreams?

Can I say the whole planet? Still, If I have to choose, I would say Zambia, because I spent a part of my childhood there and the memories are getting more and more vague. I would definitely like to refresh them along the banks of the Zambezi river.

  • What is your opinion about « money can’t buy happiness »?

Happiness can never be bought, it is a state within ourselves which has to be reached through conscious practice. But then, the value of money can never be undermined because it serves to meet our basic needs which are still not met for a vast majority of people, including sadly, children. Money can be judiciously used to serve us, or it can be shared too in practical ways, if the act brings us joy.

  • Sweet or salty?

Salty, with the slow emergence of a sweet tooth. Is it due to personality change? Or biological reasons, I wonder?

  1. How did you discover my blog? 

I think I got the link through another blog. I don’t remember exactly but I am glad I found it.

  1. What do you think about my blog?

I think your blog is fabulous. Fashion, beauty and health are some areas of interest to me and I love your bilingual blog. I dream of writing this way, one day…

As for nominating others, I have chosen the following blogs. I discovered some of them fairly recently but their content appealed to me.

  1. Rose Girl’s World
    1. Gyslaine LE GAL
    1. Watching the daisies
    1. Lance Sheridon
    1. Uncle Tree
    1. Jamesdeeclayton
    1. Bernard25
    1. Rupika Chopra
    1. Esoterica

Now my questions are the following:

  1. What self-help skill do you practise for your personal evolution, which you would also recommend to others? / Que faites-vous pour l’évolution personelle, ce que vous conseillerez aux autres également?
  2. How do you think you can contribute to a better world for our children? / Comment envisagez-vous contribuer à un monde meilleur pour nos enfants?
  3. What environment-friendly measures have you adopted for a greener planet?/

Quelles mesures adoptez-vous pour la protection de la planète?

  • Do you like travelling? Apart from discovering new terrain, give one aspect of travel which attracts you. / Aimez-vous voyager? Outre que la découverte des nouveaux territoires citez un aspect du voyage qui vous plaît beaucoup.
  • Are you an animal lover? What further steps can be taken for the protection of the animal kingdom? / Aimez-vous les animaux? Qu’est-ce-qu’on pourrait faire pour protéger davantage les animaux?
  • What is your preferred genre in reading? / Quel genre de lecture faites-vous?
  • Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What is your view on spirituality?/

Vous voyez-vous en tant qu’une personne spirituelle ? /Quel est votre avis sur la spiritualité ?

  • How do you prefer to spend your free-time, in solitude or in the company of others? / En général, préférez-vous passer votre temps libre en solitude ou avec les autres?
  • What is your preferred form of art? / Quel est votre art préfére?
  • What do you do to get away from the humdrum of everyday existence? / Que faites-vous pour vous échapper de la monotonie quotidienne?
  • Do you think learning a foreign language is important? / Pensez-vous qu’apprendre une langue étrangere est important?

Voilà.. there you are. Now to those who would rather write their own posts than the answers to my questions, it’s perfectly understandable. As for the others I would love to hear your views.


Soft roses blooming in an upturned face

As a gaze showering beams of purest feelings

Seeks to pour out all the love and longing

Swelling in the other’s heart

Like the rays of sunlight starting off a spurt of growth

Of the flowery plant yearning to show off her art

All the love hidden till this moment of fascination

Comes to the fore, making his beloved blush.

The pinkish red roses, special, just for him

Set the scene for the dance of twinkling eyes

As they flit across shyly towards him

And dart away as swiftly, to gaze at nothingness

Curious, the feelings that another heart can whip up

Which find their way slowly to the glowing cheeks

That try in vain to hide them.

If a gaze could make her roses bloom

With a beauty that nature has to compete with

If this is what love at first sight does

To a doe ripe enough to be held and kissed

Then what wonders still await to unfold

When love yearns to flow out and unite

With the heart that was throbbing all along

And which leaps with joy, as the first glance itself

Sends a passion causing her rosebuds to open?

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture : Blush – Bella’s Art studio

Your Kisses

Put your lips against mine

To be crushed and blended

Into a concoction of wine, tears

And the essence of our souls

Breathe the kiss, this unique aphrodisiac

Ascend to the dizzying summit of spiralling sensations.

Your lips, a divine fruit gifted by the love-God

Offering contradictory pleasure

As they whisper velvet words which sink

Into the softness of my heart

Cooling the heat of a passion already aflame

Yet they burn trails of love on my skin

Scorching their way, firing up the cold recesses

Of a soul numbed by eons of solitude.

Your kisses, where did you learn the art

Of burning and freezing your beloved

Within a shell of timelessness, spacelessness

Drunk with this aphrodisiac

The inner world takes on a different nature

Thrown into this world I enjoy

The chords composed of my own vibrations

I realize your lips tune them

To match the ethereal music beyond.

Picture :

Lovelorn hearts

Like the lone star, scintillating quietly

Too shy of proclaiming her love to the moon

She knows that it’s her destiny

For he’s not yet ready to reciprocate her love

Wait she must patiently, till the divine moment

When his heart becomes full and whole

Luminous, glowing, enveloping her being

Making her vanish into his creamy peach light.

Like the lone star I wait

For the love in his heart to rise to his eyes

The signal that his whole being is aware

The sign that he’s become the full moon.

Like the water lily, waiting for twilight

To dream of her lover, in the melody of the silent night

Sending streams of love from her bloom

To an unknown lover, waiting beyond

Hoping to send a frisson to his heart

To wake up his dormant love, rightfully hers

Like the water lily I gaze at the dark sky

Sending my thoughts out to call upon my love

To awaken a spirit in blissful slumber

It’s time, to embark on a journey of the unknown

To discover the pleasures and perils of a feeling

That for which every human is born.

Love letters

Love letters, love-filled wisps of white,

Floating in the endless sky

Water-vapours of feelings

Emanating from your throbbing heart

Condensing into thick clouds

Travelling great distances, to pour out your love

Into me, as I stand drenched in the downpour.

Love letters, in the form of butterflies

Flitting from one bloom to another

Hues of love streaming from your eyes

Painted on their wings lending them unmatched beauty

I listen closely, as they flutter their wings

To whisper your heart’s messages to me.

Love letters, written on parchments of leaves

Etched with the love pouring from your heart

They ride dangerously on heady currents of water

Rush excitedly to deliver your message

Standing by the mad silver brook

I collect these little green lovenotes with greed.

Kisses full of love, flying from your lips

Misty with the heavy scent of your passion

Now the gentle wind offers to play messenger-boy

Promising to deliver each one of them

Without fail, as I stand mesmerised in the high cliff.

Each element of nature loves a love-story

Each element loves to play cupid

Each pebble, each stone, craves to carry love

To fulfill the yearning of aching hearts.

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture courtesy Pinterest, Victor-Gabriel Gilbert

“A Young Lady Writing a Letter”

My Aladdin’s Cave

Deep inside the jungle of emotions
Spread as a multi-hued layer over my heart
Sprung up slowly over a life-time
Vines tangled and twisted with florid memories
Of stories going far back, maybe into previous lives.

Hidden within the entwined creepers of my feelings
A secret cave, much like Aladdin’s
Known to none, closed to all
Guarding souvenirs and tokens of secret love.

The cave opens to one word, only one
The syllables of your name, ringing eternally
Wispy traces of sweet nothings etched in my veins
A whisper, enough to send frissons of emotions
Unlike any found in the dark jungle.

Your name, the magic word opening my Aladdin’s Cave
Set in the deep recesses of my soul
Filled with an eternal love so pure
Not to be poisoned by the ivy creeping each day
Making my sentient jungle denser and heavier.

The secret cave will not be opened
The secret love will never pour out
When the poison ivy of pain and despair
Strangle and torture, as is their nature
I recede into my Aladdin’s Cave
To take solace from my treasured love.

Locked away, but still abundant and alive
In this womb, safely nourished
By an umbilical cord leading from my head
Carrying the sweetness of fond remembrances
Maybe a fleeting gaze, an untouched caress.

Till when is it destined to gestate
In my Aladdin’s Cave? A cave so ancient
As my soul itself, pulsating through lifetimes
I wait patiently, for it can sense the throb
Of a similar one, cached in my twin soul.

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture Pinterest artist Lou Jordan

Cotton Candy Love

Hollow eyes reflecting a hollow spirit
Looking in the mirror to see the mocking reflection
A wounded heart, torn to bits and shreds
Lifeblood oozing away through the cracks.

Searching for the grim picture within the mirror
I see but a vibrant face
Eyes even more lively
The shine of a quiet strong spirit
A cracked heart, growing bigger by the day
Holding traces of love and laughter
Of timeless bliss shared together.

Tears of separation become an obligation
Not wanting to flow, instead
Give way to smiles of scented memories
Pain of rejection becomes a sweet ache
Softening the heart to fluffy cotton candy.

Pushed away, my love came back to me
Snuggling in my heart, like a baby seeking warmth
Nourished, it grew to flow and overflow
Radiant energy beaming through every pore
Remember, my love, I am the mother womb
You help create, I help grow.

What exists today
Is an ever more loving spirit
Brimming with the beauty and courage,
Tempered with the pain of lost love
Love can be thrown away, dispersed into the winds
Still, love can never wither and die.

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture courtesy: pngtree clipart