yellow orchid

As the third bloom slowly opens its dainty petals
An angel peeps out, beckoning to me
To bask in its beauty, spraying a divine fragrance
A fragrance hitherto unknown, tingling my five senses.

A delicate fragrance caressing me softly
Like the kisses you shower on my face
A fragrance sweeping over like laughing waves
Speckles of love, dancing all around.

A fragrance, like heavenly music from an angel’s harp
Whispering love-notes, only for mine ears
Carrying me swiftly into another world
Filling my soul with droplets of your feelings.

A fragrance, tantalizing my taste-buds
A taste so pure and tender
A taste which makes me hunger for more
Of a love so sweet, delicate and sublime.

Orchids, emanating beams of luminous love
Pouring out perfumes of an exotic nature
I never knew love tasted so exquisite
Nor felt like a feathery touch so achingly soft.

Orchids, each petal woven by the silken threads
Of my feelings, into fine motifs, delicate designs
Poverty of words, I search in the depths
To transform into language this tenderness

The tiny angel smiles, for she knows
“This is your heart, what you hold within you
Open each petal, the fabric of your love
To permeate far into another love-lorn heart.”

Copyright ©angelbeamsblog




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