My Love………….


(Painting by Claude Monet Pinterest)

I know not in which corner of the world you dwell

My heart leaps forward in its endless pursuit

To seek and merge into one with yours.


I envy the stars that keep watch over you as you sink

Wearily into blissful slumber;

For that is what I want to do every night.


I envy the soft wind which, caressing and kissing you

Carries away your scent.

For it’s mine, my sole right, you belong to me.


I envy the moon receiving your smile as you look up at the sky.

For your dimpled smile

Is what strums my heartstrings.


I envy the nameless face that blushes under your loving gaze

For the place I long to be is

Wherever your eyes can reach me.


I envy the people in your life who call out your name;

For my lips were made,

Only to whisper it again and again.


But wherever you are my love, this I know for sure.

Love has a way of finding its nest.

Each night that is the last thing I do;

Unleash the love in my heart to search across the seven seas,

To find you my love………


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog


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