renoir chosen

(Femme lisant dans une clairière Renoir. Pinterest)


Don’t you know my beloved?

Even the deepest, strongest love

Will wither away if left forgotten?

For the heart can take no more

The weight of emptiness brought on by unfulfilled love.


The crushing void, only you can fill

The pining wound, only you can heal

The burning tears, only you can wipe

With your smile, your smile that makes me melt

Like snow in the morning sun.


What more do I do to reach you?

My poor fragile heart

Has swam the seven seas of anguish, pain and despair

Scaled mountains of guilt, unworthiness and doubt

Cleared through forests of confusion, turmoil and distress.


For, like a star in the distant horizon you shine

Weary traveller that I am

Believing in all the stories of human exploits

I commanded my heart to search, follow and arrive

At the cascade of love that is you

Pouring forth through those eyes of yours.


Those eyes of yours, deep limpid pools they seem

Yet treacherous they are, I know

For once I dip into them

They will drag me down forever into the whirlpool of emotions

So well-hidden under the clean waters of calm love.


Still, that is where I long to be

My notion of heaven, of paradise, of Eden

Your love like sparkling water, quenching my thirst eternally

Oceans, rivers, tumbling waterfalls,

Streams, ponds, even swampy marshes

Whatever form it takes, I do not care.


Like a mermaid in the waters,

At times floating gently, at times diving deep

Or maybe even drowning breathlessly’

To attain the purpose of my creation

I need you, my beloved………..


Don’t you know it’s dangerous?

To leave such longing unattended?

Death spares no one, not even emotions

One day this agony, this pining for you

May vaporize little by little

Leaving in its wake a desert so vast, so cold

Do not let the soft verdure of my feelings dry up

Let your love water them night and day

Springtime let it be eternally…………..


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog




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