Musings on love

Edgar Degas woman with a towel


Why do I keep denying this most tender of tender feelings?

What terrifies me of surrendering to its soothing embrace?

What holds me back from plunging into its all-consuming fire?

A fire so pure, consuming the muck I carry around

Gathered efficiently through ego-battles of a life-time?

The marshy swamps that course through my body

Which like quicksand pull down, deep down

All sentiments which qualify one to be called human

Man, priding himself to be the greatest of all beings on Earth

Man, transforming into a hideous entity

Devoid of love and its sibling emotions?


Dare to love, my dear heart

Let go of your false front

Which you hold on to out of vanity

Making it but weaker and weaker

Look in the mirror, stare deep into those eyes

Do you not see fear, pain and loneliness?

Those little slits through which your soul peeps

Desperately trying to call for help

To convey its terrible secrets to another?

Except for the eyes, the rest of this sculpted body of yours

Is nothing but a burqua shutting out the sunlight of love

From penetrating your heart.


Dare to love, my dear heart

Let cracks form, let feelings seep in

Like healing potions purifying the poison within

Let the marshy swamps coursing through my body

Churn and churn, throw out the mucky filth

Emerge victorious, for there is beauty and joy

Light and fragrance pouring gently

Awaiting the soul, cleansed and washed

With foamy waves of love and compassion.

Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

(Painting by Edgar Degas. Woman with a towel. Courtesy Pinterest)


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