teardrop 2


A single teardrop shed,

Not out of pain but,

Of love gained.

For the flicker you kindled in my heart

Has grown into an everlasting flame.


Another teardrop shed,

Not for things lost but,

For the fulfillment that

Those sweet moments together hold

Rich enough to last a lifetime.


And another teardrop shed,

Not out of pining

For love lost but,

Out of the bliss

That thoughts of you bring.


And another and another shed…..

Since all I yearn in life

Is to bask

In the glory of your love.


And then one single large teardrop shed

Maybe, maybe……………..

For the missed second when you offered your heart

And I, in the numbness of youth,

Failed to reach out

And grasp it to my bosom.


Still the teardrops are forever fresh;

Dewdrops lazing languidly

In the rosebuds you planted in me

Refusing to vaporize.


They know it will always be dawn

For you are there, my love

The rising sun spraying

Freshness and light in my garden.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)


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