Soul Fragments

soul fragments

                                                         (Pinterest – Wild Soul Wellness)

Feelings, feelings, swirling within me

Pieces of my soul in a hundred different forms


Love, big chunks wrapped and sent along

With each gaze, each act, in your direction

Each time you reject it, these bits of my soul

Are scattered aimlessly, floating, like a dandelion in the wind.


Joy, fine powder of my soul

Sprinkled in all my words and deeds

So fine they are, you can inhale them

Sending tinkling warmth along your veins.


Sometimes, my soul, shattered, sends

Shards sharp and stinging

Flying all over, often without aim

Hurting all around, with my angry bitter words.


Often in times of loss and sadness

My soul is squeezed with an invisible hand

Droplets of pain in the form of tears

Escape from mine eyes

Despite my pleas not to flow.


Melancholy, when my soul

Becomes a viscous liquid

Coursing through my body,

Making each movement sluggish

Too thick an emotion

To flow out of my eyes

A marshy swamp within me, sucking whole

The beauty, the fragrance, the essence of life.


Perhaps the ugliest form is jealousy

When my soul is split into streaks

Each one like an arrow flies out

Sometimes seen, sometimes hidden

Piercing my target, piercing his soul.


Along come loneliness and despair,

Descending heavily

Weighing a ton, my soul, crushing and shrinking

In vain, I search for a shoulder to lean on

Another soul, a mate whose hand I long to hold.


The lightest feeling comes as bliss

When my soul gets transformed slowly

Incorporating love, joy and passion

A heady mixture, making me tremble

In your presence it expands and reaches out

To merge as one, with your soul.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog


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