Untying knots of the past

invisible strings

( Picture courtesy: Pinterest. Painting Christian Schloe – Butterflies tied to Strings, “Wonderland”)


“Living in the present moment” seems to be the mantra in fashion, but those who preach seem to ignore the fact that feelings like hurt, worthlessness and anger are attached like fine, invisible threads to our experiences in the past. We are again advised to cut the strings and let go, but cutting them will still make us hold on to the little bit left which carries residual energy and torments us. The more attention we give to the pain, the longer the strings grow and attach themselves to newer memories. So instead of cutting them, better we untie them, one knot at a time, slowly, often painfully. Finally one fine day we untie the last tiny knot and let it into the light. Without the string we become capable of reliving the same memories in a new way, in a new light, in a stronger way. We become free. The memory might be strong and clear, but without the connection string, it becomes powerless to hurt us, scare us, anger us.

When well-meaning people in our lives tell us to “live in the present and forget the past”, they fail to see our invisible strings to the past. Like a live electric wire, these strings are so powerful that the painful energy gets conducted into all our thoughts, words and deeds. These strings are sensed only by angels; and also by angel-like human beings in the healing profession. In the same way that tiny drops of rain wash away the dust from the leaves and stem of a plant healers help us wash away dirty, stinking emotions. We emerge like the growing plant, with tender leaves and new buds and our stem becomes stronger.

Along with cleansing, strengthening of happy memories also helps the plant grow. Happy memories too have invisible strings attached to beautiful feelings. The more we think of them, the stronger these strings become, making us smile more often. Make these memories stronger; they become more vibrant than any photo taken. The strength is further amplified when we allow ourselves to feel gratitude for these beautiful moments. Each time we slip into our time machine and visit our dear ones whom we left behind somewhere along the way, the invisible strings get strengthened. Go back in time, laugh with your buddies, blush in front of your crush, do all the mad things you did.

Yes, you can do it. Ask your angels to give you cues and signs which trigger happy memories. Be grateful to all the people who contributed to them, forgive those who hurt you and let them off your treasure chest. Yes, you can do it. Life is but a string of pearls, pearls of all colours and hues, beautiful and divine.


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