A Goblet of Wine……………. No More

vin a goblet of wine

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

A golden goblet dropped from the Heavens

Fell right into my hands, I held it in wonder

Precious, full of rich, red wine

The taste Divine, flowing from Providence.


I sipped, swirled the wine over my tongue

Yes, Divine, poured directly by the Gods

Making me feel like one of them

Making me experience the other-worldly.


“This is what you asked for,” They reminded

“A taste of love higher than the one

Always surrounding you, the love of God,

Wrapping you eternally, though you know it not.”


“This is the love that man craves for,” They said

“Heady, rapturous, reverberating with your soul.

Drink of it, this wine; relish every mouthful.”

“For it is indeed the nectar of love, flavoured by passion.”


I drank and drank, savouring every drop

A lifetime of parched thirst quenched

Soothing, pulsating, cleansing, caressing

Melting the wounds, the scars in my heart.


Mine, all mine, I foolishly presumed

As this pouring seemed to stretch forever

Time standing still, as I plunged and swam

In all the heady sensations of touch and kiss.


The pouring forth stopped, the goblet vanished

Ephemeral, transient, though never a dream

My eyes were open, reality it was

As real as each note in the song of life.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog


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