Another day ends with the moon rising slowly

I welcome you, twilight, though with a heavy heart

Birds taking flight to their faraway homes

The Earth preparing to rest her tired soul.


Trees opening their arms to shelter the creatures of the morn

After a tiring day of hunting and gathering

With droopy eyes, tired wings and limbs

Returning hastily to nests, holes, branches.


How serene you are, my twilight sky

Adorning your pinkish blue robe, pinned with a star

A solitary diamond, shining through the clouds

As they wave goodbye to the setting sun.


But what is it in me that brings forth this sadness?

The stars peep out, pretending to play hide and seek

Try to cheer me up with their twinkling gaze

The moon promises to shower me with its scented beams.


Still, somehow I pine for that which is lost

Though I know not for what I mourn

Maybe in the brightness of the daytime sun

My darkest fears hide in the corners of my heart


Maybe if my beloved was near me

I would be singing a different song

Then my heart would try to chase away the sun

Try to whip the clock into running even faster.


For, beautiful twilight, like a sweet bridesmaid

You usher in the deep, dark, mysterious night

Full of romance, silhouettes kissing deeply

What lovers yearn for, solitary moments of stillness.


But alas for me, you just pull the curtains down

On a play I was acting throughout the day

With the bright sun lighting up my empty loneliness

Which, you lovely twilight, now herald for me.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Painting by Laurel Daniel Courtesy Pinterest






4 thoughts on “TWILIGHT”

    1. Thank you. Well, frankly I don’t consider myself a nature poet. My line is more of emotions. But then, at a deep level, man and nature are inseparable…….reflecting each other’s feelings. As you rightly put it.


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