Mating of Souls

mating of souls

Alas! You have discarded your body

That magnificent body of yours, housing a soul so pure

Sending heads a-turning and hearts a-flutter

Lips that long for a kiss from mine

Senses sharpened to the finest peak.


What magic would you weave

With your caresses and scented breath

That set skin on fire, yet also on ice

Union of bodies, yes indeed, but far beyond

You take me, to realms hitherto unexplored.


Each voyage we took, filled with passion and flame

Each journey was bliss in its highest form

And then came that fateful day

When out flew your soul, into another world

Without a word, without one last kiss.


Copious tears shed over your pyre

The funeral pyre burning your precious body

The body I held and kissed, always warm and glowing

Burning to embers, to ashes, to nothing

Is that all? The magic we held, returning to ether.


How do I reach you, imprisoned as I am in mine own body?

Whose five senses decide all my perception?

Creating shape, colour, texture, taste

And music-filled words for my soul to savour

Embraces now empty, kisses blown away by the wind.


I withdraw into my cocoon, a cocoon of memories

Your smile, your touch, your breath on my skin

The instant I come out of the cocoon

The world seems shallow, two-dimensional

Re-enter into the cocoon; of love, and passion, and heat.


Sensing my pain, my void, my heartache

Rest no more you could, in your own world

What trouble you took, what hurdles you faced

To pass through into this world you left

No form, no body, no vehicle, no wings.


My heart centered within, took command

With a life of its own

Defying the rules laid down

By my head, the ever intelligent one

Sensing your presence, beating to your tune.


For a brief span of time, time itself ceasing to exist

We make love, going beyond all sensation.

No heat, no flame, no fire building up

No eruption of force, no sweeping waves

Nothing at all that my logic could explain.


Now I realize the desperation of two lips kissing

The intention of touching every inch of skin

The beating of two hearts to a single rhythm

The plunge into deep dark depths searching

All attempts to find the soul encased within.


Did my soul free itself from the chains of my body?

Or did your soul penetrate into my heart?

No, I seek no answers, for they are

Nothing but a spoiler of this love unified

Melting all demarcations of beginning and end.


How free it feels, this merging of souls

Like the calm ocean stretching to eternity

Waves moving relentlessly, yet stillness pervading

No longer a journey culminating in creation

Of yet another life, its purpose commencing.


Mating of our souls is an embodiment of wholeness

Embodiment? No, for I float without body

Two halves of a sphere? Two whole spheres rather

Fusing into one, dissolving, transforming

Dancing round and round, yet still as light.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

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3 thoughts on “Mating of Souls”

    1. I’m glad you think so. As I noticed, not many people appreciate surrealism. This is one of my own favourites, close to my heart, written as a tribute to the special friend whom I mentioned in my comment on your poem “sink”.

      Liked by 1 person

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