angel signs

Numerous articles and books have appeared regarding angel signs which are clear messages from the angels or our deceased loved ones in the spirit world. Paying attention to them and interpreting them is a skill which has to be developed like any other skills. It can be fun, our own secret code with the universe, much like the games played in childhood with secret signs and codes. Well, wouldn’t it be thrilling to do it all over again, and get wonderful results in the bargain? No one need know about it, except maybe a few trusted friends in our spiritual ‘gang’, with whom we can share the joy of getting a sign from spirit.

Angel numbers, feathers, coins in unexpected places, rainbows………there are myriad ways in which they communicate to us. In addition there are psychic abilities involving the five senses like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience which also help in deciphering spiritual messages. For more information on angel signs I would suggest books by Doreen Virtue on angel therapy. The fact that there are wonderful beings out there constantly trying to warn us of danger, or guiding us in our soul’s mission is really touching and reassuring. All it takes is for us to cooperate and make things smoother.

Normally we are advised to pay attention to our thoughts when we encounter an angel sign or a corporal sign like goosebumps or change in air pressure. I have noticed this several times, especially regarding decisions when an angel sign would be a positive indication to go ahead. The opposite has also occurred, where I was prevented from taking a particular step, usually by a pain in some part of the body. Or a block in the physical world.

But sometimes I have had difficulty in clearly interpreting the signs. An angel sign may have appeared, but when I try to link it with my thoughts, I fail to see a connection. Recently it occurred to me that if the sign does not seem to correspond with any thought or conversation that we are having, it can very well be a warning regarding a future event about which we are totally clueless. It need not be something that we are worried about at the moment, it can also be some unexpected danger in the future.

I am reminded of an incident when my family, along with a few cousins were going out to have dinner. It was quite late in the evening and the restaurant was quite far, but one of our cousins was a little insistent about this particular restaurant. Reaching it was an ordeal as there was a big traffic jam and it was getting even later. While being in the car with a big group it totally skipped my mind to note that the traffic jam was indeed a sign from the angels; a block to reach the restaurant. Only later on I realized it, however there seemed to be nothing dangerous or unpleasant which could spoil our happiness. So out of habit I just offered a passing prayer to Archangel Raphael to take care of my daughter and myself. We reached the restaurant and had an enjoyable evening.

The next morning everyone became sick with indigestion except me and my daughter. It so happened that we both did not eat a particular dish which all the others had eaten; a snack which my daughter normally loves but which at that time she did not feel like eating. I suddenly realized that it was an answer to my prayer, as we both were spared. Since I had failed to clearly recognize the sign, I had forgotten to pray properly for the whole group.

Well, a lesson learnt from mistakes. Signs are sometimes sent as advance notice for a future event. Since angels, spirit guides and God will never interfere with our freewill, they will help us only when we request them to. But they practically put words in our mouth with their signs!

So the next time you get a sign from the spirit world, don’t ignore it. Make use of these signs to guide you in life, be it with present events or unforeseen dangers in the future.

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