Taste of my tears

taste of my tears


My tears flow freely when my heart is full

Always copious and warm, blinding my eyes

Always little pearls, flowing down my cheeks

Though never once was I able to collect them.

For they roll down so fast, falling on the Earth

Sucked into the ground, vaporized into thin air

Lost forever, Mother Earth claiming them as her own.


“They are mine,” I long to stake my claim

“Valuable as jewels, exquisite as gems”

“They are not mere baubles, but creations of my bosom”

“Which, like an oyster, creates them painstakingly.”

“You steal them from me, my precious tears”

“Never to return them, lost forever,” I accuse.


I long to appreciate their beauty in all sense

So I set to work, I ask my Angels

For more and more of the turbulent emotions

These essential ingredients and the fire to prepare them

I stoke this fire at the bottom of my heart

To produce my tears in large supply.


The first batch arrive, when anger flares up

Burning my eyes, eating into my soul

The tears pour out like a cascade, burning like acid

Choking my throat and parching my tongue

As words get spewed from my mouth

A few teardrops find their way in.

“Ugh” I exclaim, “are these my tears?”

“Which I claim to be my precious pearls?”

“What bitterness!” Suddenly I am thankful to Mother Earth

For snatching them away and swallowing them all.


The next batch of tears arrive, in a more calm state

As I sit gazing in wonder, my head tilted upwards

They flow, one drop after the other, clearing my vision

Of the night sky, the moon, the three shooting stars

Not only my vision, instantly all my senses are awakened

“The taste!” I gasp, and lick a teardrop

Beautiful! So sweet! My pearls, the taste of honey?

I feel generous and give them freely to Mother Earth.


I grow curious, and a little bit greedy

Like an over-enthusiastic student in a laboratory

I churn out tears for each state of emotion

Sweet, salty, bitter and sour, labels for each sentiment

Tedious work for my heart, feeling each emotion

Trembling, fluttering, beating wildly, or missing a beat.


Of all the different flavours I create

Tears the taste of nectar become my favourite

Slowly they swell up, rising from my bosom

Finding their way to my eyes, but staying there

Hesitating to roll down my cheeks blushing with desire

As I gaze, mesmerized, into the eyes of my beloved

These pearls are unique, being made from passionate love

Never taken by Mother Earth, I realize suddenly

Flowing one by one, they are wiped by sweet firm lips

As heady kisses are shared, in moments of soulful union.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture Courtesy Pinterest


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