Plight of angels


Angel, trapped in a human body

Feeling the thousand torments of a human soul

Feeling the thousand cuts of a bleeding heart

Yet forced to smile, for angel she was.


Sunsets and birds, seen with human eyes

Whispered words heard with a human ear

Cuts and wounds engraved in a human heart

Make her more human, though angel she was.


Endowed with five senses, a body and hunger pangs

To feel human pain, to feel human joy

To weep with a fellow-being, to laugh open-hearted

Now better she can, angel in a human body.


She wiped tears, she listened patiently

She prayed for goodness endless times

She was soothing balm for bruised egos

Tireless she worked, for angel she was.


The strength to support the fallen

She drew from her wings, such dainty wings

Yes, light as a feather, but strong as steel

Weak she couldn’t be, for angel she was.


Feeding the hungry, loving the love-lorn

Swift as a steed, flying from soul to soul

Like rain upon the parched earth

Never drying up, for angel she was.


But hunger and thirst she feels too

Pain and despair she knows very well

Turmoil and turbulence shake her very being

For angel she is, trapped in a human body.


Searching for other angels, trapped like her

In bodies dense with dark thoughts and emotions

While running about from soul to soul

She pauses a second, eyes sweeping the crowd.


Still searching, for she too needs a warm hug

Tender fingers wiping a flowing tear

Soothing words murmuring solace in her ear

For angel she is, yet trapped in a human body.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture courtesy Pinterest Angelspoem- By Lang Leavo


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