Moon chatting

moon chatting

Each ray of light has a story to tell

As I gaze mesmerized at the full moon

Like a wide-eyed child gazing at Grandma

For yet another fairytale, woven on a magic carpet.


In the stage set by the clear clean sky

Clouds shooed away by the moonbeams

Stars feel shy and vanish behind the curtains

An occasional nightbird comes calling but doesn’t stay the night.


The light from the moon wrapping me like a cloak

Is it day? Is it night? I fail to recognize

A feeling so enchanting, so mystical, so heavenly

I almost embark on a ray of light skywards.


This secret conversation, this secret union

As each moonbeam pierces straight through into my heart

All my secrets unraveled, all my masks stripped off

My raw, naked emotions bathed in a divine glow.


“I too experience dark nights”, said he

“Every fortnight my darker side gets unveiled

Bit by bit, I lose my glow as pain surfaces

Unbearable it becomes, forcing me to hide.”


“Lonely nights I too get

As my merry twinkling lovers abandon me

The scented breeze conspires with the clouds

Leading them away, as alone I stand.”


“See yourself in me, your beauty shining

To touch another lonely heart somewhere, sometime

The love springing from you never goes astray

It knows to reach its point, finding its way.”


This is how it should be, strummed my heart

Or was it the moon talking? I do not know

For we seemed like one, the moon and I

Emanating light all around, humming a harmonious tune.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture Courtesy Pinterest


10 thoughts on “Moon chatting”

      1. Words are the icing on the cake for those of us with a wily imagination. If you can picture a story in mind, then words will do their best to convey the scene and the action. Nice write!

        Liked by 1 person

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