This eternal quest
For what, I am still unaware
I turn in all directions
Tentative steps in new paths
Paths leading where?
Paths I never knew were there.

Logic and reason
Making fun of me
Doubt and fear compete
To become my close companions
Fight them I must.
But no, they only become stronger.

Ignore them I try
But cunning as they are
They sneak up unawares
With their eternal ‘I told you so’
They always seem right
They always seem to rule.

But each time I succumb
To logic and reason
A tiny light? A flash of tenderness?
Something signals to me
“Your calling lies elsewhere.”

Each time fear kisses me
Stealing the warmth of my breath
Gripping my wavering heart
With its cold grimy fingers
An ember tries its best
To ward off this dreaded chillness.

Each time doubt whispers
Its sweet nothings to my soul
Fanning the cold wave
Which sweeps away fulfillment
I hear a tiny voice
So sweet, so true it rings.

“Break away our chains”
Together they cry
“Let us flow freely
For we are your power
Your secret to eternal bliss.”

“We lie inside you
We can never leave you
Logic, reason, doubt and fear
Your so-called well-wishers
Can only smother us
But never can they
Make us vanish.
The Supreme Power
That created you
Embedded us in your soul.
Like a jewel we lie
To emerge when it’s time.”

“It’s time, let us flow out
Let us lead you
In your true path
To bring out
All your hidden sparkle
All your hidden beauty.
We are your strength
We make you unique
For you, and you alone
Can fulfill the purpose
The purpose for which you were born.”

Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture Courtesy Tatyana Markovtsev pinterest


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