music of silence


In this seemingly endless cacophony

Of honking, humming, chirping and roaring

I search in vain for that little bit of silence

That speaks volumes without sound, without words.


That teeny weeny silence, drowned by vibrations

The pulse of the earth, they say

Beating to a rhythm of everyday creation

Everything man made, everything man said.


I long to spend slow, silent nights

Under a starry sky, perfumed by the breeze

The silence of the moonbeams make music

To which the stars seem to dance twinkle-toed.


But no, the thoughts in my head protest

They go on a strike with slogans louder and louder

Submerging even the softest music born in my heart

Those moments of tranquil quiet, peaceful emotions.


Silent maternal feelings as a baby blissfully suckles

Silent tears falling as a lover says goodbye

Silence all around when love-birds huddle closer

From this glorious silence, there is music emanating.


The music when a rose-bud slowly blossoms

Only the buzzing bee hears, though a selfish lover he is

Drowning this melody with his constant humming

Sharing neither the nectar, nor his love’s love-song.


The music when a new life begins within a shell

As the mother-bird sits quietly giving her warmth

She started this music long before, as silent flapping wings

Searching for twig after twig to build her nest.


There are moments when I crave for this music

The inaudible notes of unseen strings

The melodious rhythm of a serene quietude

Hanging in the stillness, in the air all around.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture courtesy Pinterest


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