The Crystal Story

the crystal story

Gazing at my five crystal friends

Though mere stones, they seemed bonded for life

As they sit atop my angel altar

Happy and glowing, peaceful in each other’s presence.


Five of them, all alike and unlike

Clear white, with streaks, cuts and bruises

Specks of green and rainbow colours

Reflecting all of their splendour to me.


“Soulmates we are”, they began their story

“Eons old, together we travelled

Journeying along through different ages

Meeting mammoths, mankind, creatures of all sorts.


Breathing in air, sometimes under water

Atop mountains or hidden in deep caverns

Wherever we are, our energies vibrate

To a single rhythm with an elevated soul.


Our experiences are no less than yours

Love, loneliness, pain, we’ve seen it all

Gathered through our voyage across time

Across elements, across cultures as civilization unfolded.


These little cuts on us are scars of a memory

Painful sometimes, sad and despairing

These streaks and bruises also sing a story

Of an unkind Nature, shooting her molten lava around.


We tumbled and rolled, losing each other at times

Oh! The pain of separation! Unbearable sheer torture

As one lies alone amidst strange rocks

Silent tears solidifying into this pattern you see.


Finally we meet, as we are picked up by little hands

Angels, little children, fascinated by our patterns

They smoothe us with their loving hands

Clean us with precious sparkling water.


Here we are for you, grateful as we are

To be together forever, in your little corner

Pick us up, when you feel down and low

We can wipe your tears, as they flow from your soul.


Though not of flesh, not of your kind

We feel, we pulsate, throb and vibrate

Know that only forms and shapes differ

Emotions and sentiments, deep down, stay same…..

Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture courtesy Pinterest Blue mermaid with crystals


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