Kiss of a Spirit

kiss of a spirit


As I float gently through the night

Guided by a feeling not familiar to my senses

I reach the grove where time stands still

Cloaked by a darkness, with shadows immobile.


A whisper, a pulse, the fragrance of your breath

An eerie silence, when nature herself is aware

Of the distance you traversed, passing from realm to realm

To drop a simple kiss, on these quivering lips of mine.


A kiss so full of love, of thoughts sweet and joyous

As we try to recreate moments shared together

Before you left, for a world far beyond

Denied to me now, encased as I am in my body.


As lovers we meet, under the trees in the grove

Nature knows, of the profoundness of your love

She forbade the wind to whisper, the leaves to shake

Setting the perfect stage, for the flowing of your love.


A love denied expression, in the world where you lived

Like a normal human, with desires and dreams

When you too ached to be bound by all things material

Home and family, wealth and warmth.


Your dreams and your love, you took with you

Your passionate kiss, meant only for me

Powerless to gift it, as you cried in your deathbed

Gasping for that single breath, threatening to leave.


But that kiss was mine, it had to reach me

Blown across the thin etheric veil

The curtain separating your world and mine

Like a withering dandelion, it would scatter.


So under the grove, as the human world slept

You beckoned me, my soul, to come

With outstretched arms I floated along

For your precious kiss, an unexpressed love.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture Courtesy Pinterest


8 thoughts on “Kiss of a Spirit”

    1. Thank you so much. It is indeed encouraging and a pleasure to exchange ideas and feelings with you. I had developed a block to write, but I guess with encouraging words like yours my pen will start moving again. 😊


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