Tales of woe of the Crescent Moon

Crescent moon

The earth laid out the new carpet she had woven

Beckoning me to seat myself on the silky grass

Cool and soft, freshly scented

Caressing my tired limbs, tickling my aching feet.

The firefly with her tiny torch flame

Signaled to me that somebody special

Waited for me behind the palm fronds

Patiently, since twilight, like a love-lorn lover.

Just then a slice of the milky moon

Wedged between the great palm leaves

Peeped out shyly, with her beaming smile

Not sure if I would care enough to notice her.

Wonder-struck at her simple elegance

I gazed, at the sharp tilted edges of her lips

Mesmerized I asked her why she always preferred obscurity

When she should be dancing across the sky.

“Well it’s my full-bodied sister who gets the lime-light

When she makes her appearance, everyone goes wide-eyed

Queen of the skies, she wins over every heart

Poets rave about her brimming beauty

Lovers get drunk as she pours out her glow

When she arises majestically from the horizon

She can cast a spell and weave magic the whole night

Me, I am just her poor homely sibling

With not even half her talent and beauty.”

I suddenly became aware of my own short-comings

For never acknowledging this simple, modest child

Who timidly tries to shine nevertheless

Sending across her pale moonbeams

As far possible as her frail body can.

“You’re a poet, I wondered if…..” she hesitated

“I wondered if you could put in a word for me.”

A feeling of shame crept up on me

How many crescent moons do we ignore?

A society applauding rich megalomaniacs

Where simplicity and authenticity get side-lined

I vowed I would attend to the lesser ones

Who too crave for a kind loving word

Who would thrive and shine in their own light

Given a place and a space to nourish their art.

Copyright ©angelbeams2018

Picture courtesy Pinterest


12 thoughts on “Tales of woe of the Crescent Moon”

  1. This is absolutely WONDERFUL. I’ve always found beauty in the crescent moon, and in those who seem shy and reserved and hiding in a corner. Most times, they’re the most full of vibrant spirit. xo


  2. I loved the imagery that you depicted through your skillful usage of words, thanks for sharing such a wonderful post! Are you on Instagram by any chance would love to follow a wonderful writer like you over there ☺️


    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this. Makes me feel more motivated and enthusiastic to meet like minded people. I’m there in Instagram but not very active. I’ll go visit yours and then maybe get some ideas on how to go about it. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not all that active on insta either to be honest, but insta kind of provides a flexible platform for creative people to connect without disturbing their respective privacy (like someone might not be all that comfortable adding some random person to their fb, but on insta it’s a bit more chilled out) & it’s the same enthusiastic feeling that imbues me to connect with artistic wordsmiths like you. As Kabir once said “The river that flows in you also flows in me.”


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