Falling out of love



The gaze which seemed to pour out love

Love like the cool mist against my visage

Love like an unearthly element

Which enveloped my whole being and more

Penetrating my core and permeating unto my spirit in the heavens.


Suddenly this love beckons me not

To bask in your cool breath, in your warm sunshine

It holds not the tenderness, though I know t’is there

Softness once so familiar for which I ached

Now simply a strange sensation, totally alien and empty.


Fragrance which was heady and light

Transporting me to a paradise solely ours

No more does it fan me, like the silky feathers it used to be

Alas, the fragrance I still sense, like the mundane scents

Of a life mundane with chores and strain

But t’is the paradise I lost.


Have I fallen out of love?

Your love which cocooned me like the mother of pearl

Keeping me safe and iridescent

My luster intact during the darkest hours.


Have I grown more lustrous? More luminous

That I need to shed your love?

Like the pearl, the moth, the glistening serpent

Like the child in the womb, who despite the nourishing love

Can no longer withhold falling into this world of sorrow and joy?

And everything in between?


Have I fallen out of your love?

Has my heart, the keeper of my feelings

Had its fill that it feels satiated

Beyond a contentment that it repels your love?


A love so sublime, so rapturous it was

Spiraling into dizzying heights of exploding stars

“Ephemeral” “illusive”, we console bosom friends

Burning in the flames of scorned love

I search for words to justify my heart

Keeping aloof with that of the other

Don’t you sense, my love, that you transformed into “the Other”?


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog2018

Painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir 019 The Yorck project




7 thoughts on “Falling out of love”

  1. A wonderful poem that was brilliantly decorated with beautiful metaphors, heart-warming emotions and outstanding imagery. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊


  2. Beautiful poem about this love that abandons you. Very strong in words, in emotions he expresses a deep unease.
    For my part, I will say that when a love disappears it is because God has reserved for us something better.
    Good weekend 🙂


    1. Definitely Gyslaine. 😊But the time in between is filled with the agony of not knowing what is in store for us. Still, faith makes us tide safely through the eye of the tornado.
      Thank you for reading. It’s been a while since I wrote. Glad to know that loyal friends still appreciate our work. Have a nice weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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