Cotton Candy Love

Hollow eyes reflecting a hollow spirit
Looking in the mirror to see the mocking reflection
A wounded heart, torn to bits and shreds
Lifeblood oozing away through the cracks.

Searching for the grim picture within the mirror
I see but a vibrant face
Eyes even more lively
The shine of a quiet strong spirit
A cracked heart, growing bigger by the day
Holding traces of love and laughter
Of timeless bliss shared together.

Tears of separation become an obligation
Not wanting to flow, instead
Give way to smiles of scented memories
Pain of rejection becomes a sweet ache
Softening the heart to fluffy cotton candy.

Pushed away, my love came back to me
Snuggling in my heart, like a baby seeking warmth
Nourished, it grew to flow and overflow
Radiant energy beaming through every pore
Remember, my love, I am the mother womb
You help create, I help grow.

What exists today
Is an ever more loving spirit
Brimming with the beauty and courage,
Tempered with the pain of lost love
Love can be thrown away, dispersed into the winds
Still, love can never wither and die.

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture courtesy: pngtree clipart


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