My Aladdin’s Cave

Deep inside the jungle of emotions
Spread as a multi-hued layer over my heart
Sprung up slowly over a life-time
Vines tangled and twisted with florid memories
Of stories going far back, maybe into previous lives.

Hidden within the entwined creepers of my feelings
A secret cave, much like Aladdin’s
Known to none, closed to all
Guarding souvenirs and tokens of secret love.

The cave opens to one word, only one
The syllables of your name, ringing eternally
Wispy traces of sweet nothings etched in my veins
A whisper, enough to send frissons of emotions
Unlike any found in the dark jungle.

Your name, the magic word opening my Aladdin’s Cave
Set in the deep recesses of my soul
Filled with an eternal love so pure
Not to be poisoned by the ivy creeping each day
Making my sentient jungle denser and heavier.

The secret cave will not be opened
The secret love will never pour out
When the poison ivy of pain and despair
Strangle and torture, as is their nature
I recede into my Aladdin’s Cave
To take solace from my treasured love.

Locked away, but still abundant and alive
In this womb, safely nourished
By an umbilical cord leading from my head
Carrying the sweetness of fond remembrances
Maybe a fleeting gaze, an untouched caress.

Till when is it destined to gestate
In my Aladdin’s Cave? A cave so ancient
As my soul itself, pulsating through lifetimes
I wait patiently, for it can sense the throb
Of a similar one, cached in my twin soul.

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture Pinterest artist Lou Jordan


8 thoughts on “My Aladdin’s Cave”

  1. Un très beau poème, émouvant, touchant ! Vous avez trouvé les mots pour parler de cet amour secret qui ne vous quitte pas. C’est très fort !
    Merci pour ce beau partage Nita et bonne soirée 🙂


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