Your Kisses

Put your lips against mine

To be crushed and blended

Into a concoction of wine, tears

And the essence of our souls

Breathe the kiss, this unique aphrodisiac

Ascend to the dizzying summit of spiralling sensations.

Your lips, a divine fruit gifted by the love-God

Offering contradictory pleasure

As they whisper velvet words which sink

Into the softness of my heart

Cooling the heat of a passion already aflame

Yet they burn trails of love on my skin

Scorching their way, firing up the cold recesses

Of a soul numbed by eons of solitude.

Your kisses, where did you learn the art

Of burning and freezing your beloved

Within a shell of timelessness, spacelessness

Drunk with this aphrodisiac

The inner world takes on a different nature

Thrown into this world I enjoy

The chords composed of my own vibrations

I realize your lips tune them

To match the ethereal music beyond.

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17 thoughts on “Your Kisses”

  1. An invitation where desire becomes passion. I do like the ways this flows and increases in its tempo of love. Your writing is really well done and pleasant to read 🙂 🙂


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