Soft roses blooming in an upturned face

As a gaze showering beams of purest feelings

Seeks to pour out all the love and longing

Swelling in the other’s heart

Like the rays of sunlight starting off a spurt of growth

Of the flowery plant yearning to show off her art

All the love hidden till this moment of fascination

Comes to the fore, making his beloved blush.

The pinkish red roses, special, just for him

Set the scene for the dance of twinkling eyes

As they flit across shyly towards him

And dart away as swiftly, to gaze at nothingness

Curious, the feelings that another heart can whip up

Which find their way slowly to the glowing cheeks

That try in vain to hide them.

If a gaze could make her roses bloom

With a beauty that nature has to compete with

If this is what love at first sight does

To a doe ripe enough to be held and kissed

Then what wonders still await to unfold

When love yearns to flow out and unite

With the heart that was throbbing all along

And which leaps with joy, as the first glance itself

Sends a passion causing her rosebuds to open?

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture : Blush – Bella’s Art studio


14 thoughts on “Blush”

  1. Whether we’re actually loved or not, doesn’t the anticipation of all the sweetness keep us going? 😊. Thank you for your comment. And keep writing. I look forward to your poems.


  2. Bonjour mon amie ANGEL
    IL EST :
    Libre de penser, de rire et d’aimer
    IL FAUT :
    Profiter des secondes de bonheur
    IL FAUT:
    Savoir dire non, oser et choisir
    de si peu de chose, d’avoir
    d’un peu de courage si j’ose
    On SAIT que
    La vie n’est pas toujours facile,
    Mais il suffit de redresser la tête,
    D’affronter certaines adversités,
    Avec beaucoup de sincérité
    Belle journée bonne semaine à venir Bernard BISOUS


  3. Bonjour toi Amie ANGEL

    Il est
    Libre de penser, de rire et d’aimer
    De profiter de chaque secondes de bonheur

    De savoir vivre
    De paix, de joie et savoir décider
    Sans aucune crainte et sans peur

    IL faut
    Savoir dire non, oser ou choisir
    De construire, d’entreprendre , de bâtir

    Il suffit de si peu de chose
    Un peu de courage si j’ose
    La vie n’est pas toujours facile

    Mais il suffit de redresser la tête
    Alors profite bien des tiens et je te souhaite une agréable semaine
    Bisous , Amitié Bernard


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