The unseen trophy

Higher and higher the mounts we scale

To breathe freedom, striving to unchain ourselves

From the shackles of toil, discomfort and stress

Perceiving it as our lot in a dense material world.

Yearning for freedom from the slightest movement

That this heavy body has to execute

Freedom offered by machines, gadgets and switches

Freedom from the need to lift a tiny finger.

Yet what is this thing we pine for?

To fill the vacuum filling our entire beings?

The vacuum that sucks out the meaning from our tiniest actions?

From the breath we take to the empire we build?

Chained by a life that poses unclear threats

Of these invisible bricks falling apart

When a fraction of change is introduced

When the slightest movement of stiff limb is desired.

Rarely is the milky fragrance of the moon inhaled

For, a few seconds spent in contemplation

Can cause a few of those invisible bricks of life

To tumble down, weakening the materialistic fort

So proudly erected over time.

Running and panting, we see but a figure

Running ahead, trying to covet the invisible prize

Faster we run, never realizing

Time meets us headlong from the opposite end.

Along the way the scent of the blooms

The poems recited by the wind

The fresh beauty of a maiden

Alive and vibrant, sparkling with youth

All is lost, in the pursuit of an unseen trophy.

For man possesses this intense urge to create

And recreate a universe and take pride in it

But alas! A parallel evil created alongside

Is the Ego taking mammoth proportions……

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Indian Painting by Venu Gopal Artcollective


20 thoughts on “The unseen trophy”

  1. A beautiful depiction of how when we start to attach to much meaning to goals, life can feel like a mountain full of labors for some prize we never get. When we look over the span of our life we can find many story’s within, and story’s in duality have a beginning and an end. In a way we can all be our own villain and protagonist. -also reminding me of this from Jesus in The Apocryphon of James.
    Become full,’ that you may not be in want. They who are in want, however, will not be saved. For it is good to be full, and bad to be in want. Hence, just as it is good that you be in want and, conversely, bad that you be full, so he who is full is in want, and he who is in want does not become full as he who is in want becomes full, and he who has been filled, in turn attains due perfection. Therefore, you must be in want while it is possible to fill you, and be full while it is possible for you to be in want, so that you may be able to fill yourselves the more. Hence, become full of the Spirit, but be in want of reason, for reason the soul; in turn, it is (of the nature of) soul.
    To me this means somewhat here? To become full of spirit is to become in such a way that you live while being so full in each moment of the journey that you aren’t attached to those goals though you still have then; in want of the goal but full in each moment of the journey so that you grow with every step but not be emptied by your pursuit? Matthew 13:31 – The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field.


  2. You’re absolutely right. We do need to find out our purpose in life, have goals and achieve them. No one’s advocating passivity. Yet we need to be full of joy along each step and not miss out on life itself.
    Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  3. Coucou toi, mon Amie ANGE

    Je viens déposer
    Le soleil dans ton coeur
    Ma douceur dans ton âme
    Un ciel étoilé dans ton regard

    Lorsque ton coeur
    Parlera à mon coeur
    Nos âmes brûleront ,d’une douce chaleur

    Lorsque je viens te rendre visite
    Il me semble que je prends ta main
    Afin d’être unis d’une grande amitié Céleste
    Agréable journée ou soirée belle semaine
    Gros bisous Bernard


  4. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami,Amie ANGEL

    Chaque jour, je vois défiler le temps
    devant moi la réalité, derrière moi un passé
    Chaque jour, je fais les mêmes gestes
    Les mêmes mouvements
    Assis devant un café, je viens te retrouver
    L’ordinateur est devenu mon ami avec lui
    je t’offre un peu de joie un peu de bonheur
    et toute l’amitié que j’ai au fond du cœur
    Profite bien et ai pleinement conscience du bonheur de vivre
    Je te souhaite un bonne fin de semaine

    Bises amicales


  5. Amen!

    Powerful and true. Human nature is so bizarre sometimes, isn’t it? I slept under the stars last night, and was struck by how little time, really, I have spent looking up at the stars, reminding myself of existence and Creation, when it is THERE. It’s FREE and easy to find really… easy to find even in ‘rainy England’ apparently, where I am currently.

    And then I find your beautiful poem that echoes this sentiment…
    We spend so much time pursuing things our Ego wants, things our Soul needs not… Ego can be strong.

    How are your family?
    I hope you are all well.
    Thank you for sharing.


  6. It’s been awhile that I visited the blogging world, but when friends from the other side of the world make a call, it simply can’t be ignored. Thanks for reading. Yes, the more we become engrossed with luxury the more futile life seems.
    Hope things are fine with you. Has the travel bug given you a small respite?
    My family is fine. This month is special for us, we spend it more in prayer and light nutritious diet, since it is supposed to be monsoon. Rain somehow makes very reluctant visits and finally our government has brought a new rule that new buildings should not seal off the ground around them with concrete and tiles, but should make allowance for rainwater to seep into the ground. I wonder when we are going to realize the gravity of it.
    Once again thank you for reading, I’m happy it came to you at the right moment. Go ahead and enjoy the twinkling light of the stars. It’s free and shining just for you……

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    1. I have just seen this friend… I hope it all still applies. For me, last year was an absolute whirlwind for mind and soul! And now, of course, this one has been a trial for us all… so much to learn and see from all this… Oddly enough, I recently spent another night sleeping outside here in UK (where I am once again it would seem!) watching stars… and thinking similar thoughts. So… your blessing still applies it seems. So thank you my friend. God bless you and peace be upon you always. A hug from my heart!


  7. Bonjour mon Amie ANGEL

    Ma richesse est mon amitié
    C’est à toi que je la donne
    Elle est pour moi
    Un gage de bonne foi
    Accepte ce présent
    C’est le cadeau le plus important
    Qu’on puisse faire à notre époque
    C est avec ces petits mots que je passe te souhaiter
    Une bonne journée , une belle semaine et plein de bonnes choses au sein de ta demeure
    Gros bisous.


  8. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami, Amie

    Je regarde souvent
    En ouvrant une fenêtre, que ce soit au lever ou au coucher du soleil
    Si le matin afin si une belle journée s’annonce
    Et Le soir en admirant le ciel étoilé
    Mais tiens ce matin
    J’ai une petite pensée pour vous tous

    Ceux qui peuvent lire mon petit message
    Je leur dédies une belle semaine ensoleillé
    Pour le soir une belle nuit de sommeil
    Prenez bien soin de vous

    Bisous. Bernard

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  9. Bonjour Mon AMIE , Angel
    Comment trouver le bonheur

    Ne le cherche pas le bonheur dans tes souvenirs
    Cela te ferait beaucoup plus de mal
    Tu retrouverais les bons ainsi que les mauvais
    Si tu veux trouver le bonheur
    Cherche le dans le présent
    C’est seulement là qu’ il t’attend et là tu éviteras ceux qui peuvent te faire du mal
    Alors vit ton bonheur dans ce présent
    Belle semaine à toi , tes proches tes amies
    Pour toi une partie de mon bonheur
    Bisous Bernard

    Liked by 1 person

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