The unseen trophy

Higher and higher the mounts we scale

To breathe freedom, striving to unchain ourselves

From the shackles of toil, discomfort and stress

Perceiving it as our lot in a dense material world.

Yearning for freedom from the slightest movement

That this heavy body has to execute

Freedom offered by machines, gadgets and switches

Freedom from the need to lift a tiny finger.

Yet what is this thing we pine for?

To fill the vacuum filling our entire beings?

The vacuum that sucks out the meaning from our tiniest actions?

From the breath we take to the empire we build?

Chained by a life that poses unclear threats

Of these invisible bricks falling apart

When a fraction of change is introduced

When the slightest movement of stiff limb is desired.

Rarely is the milky fragrance of the moon inhaled

For, a few seconds spent in contemplation

Can cause a few of those invisible bricks of life

To tumble down, weakening the materialistic fort

So proudly erected over time.

Running and panting, we see but a figure

Running ahead, trying to covet the invisible prize

Faster we run, never realizing

Time meets us headlong from the opposite end.

Along the way the scent of the blooms

The poems recited by the wind

The fresh beauty of a maiden

Alive and vibrant, sparkling with youth

All is lost, in the pursuit of an unseen trophy.

For man possesses this intense urge to create

And recreate a universe and take pride in it

But alas! A parallel evil created alongside

Is the Ego taking mammoth proportions……

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Indian Painting by Venu Gopal Artcollective


Love letters

Love letters, love-filled wisps of white,

Floating in the endless sky

Water-vapours of feelings

Emanating from your throbbing heart

Condensing into thick clouds

Travelling great distances, to pour out your love

Into me, as I stand drenched in the downpour.

Love letters, in the form of butterflies

Flitting from one bloom to another

Hues of love streaming from your eyes

Painted on their wings lending them unmatched beauty

I listen closely, as they flutter their wings

To whisper your heart’s messages to me.

Love letters, written on parchments of leaves

Etched with the love pouring from your heart

They ride dangerously on heady currents of water

Rush excitedly to deliver your message

Standing by the mad silver brook

I collect these little green lovenotes with greed.

Kisses full of love, flying from your lips

Misty with the heavy scent of your passion

Now the gentle wind offers to play messenger-boy

Promising to deliver each one of them

Without fail, as I stand mesmerised in the high cliff.

Each element of nature loves a love-story

Each element loves to play cupid

Each pebble, each stone, craves to carry love

To fulfill the yearning of aching hearts.

Copyright ©2019angelbeamsblog

Picture courtesy Pinterest, Victor-Gabriel Gilbert

“A Young Lady Writing a Letter”

Floating Feathers

floating feathers


Two white feathers, blowing from nowhere

Dancing in the air, total surrender

To the fancies of the wind

Each with a story to tell

Of precious moments in a journey, of tears, of smiles.


Blown from nowhere, but brought together

By a Providence whose purpose an eternal mystery

But still they decide to get along

And dance they did to the music of the wind

Two white feathers they be.


The synchrony, the harmony, the grace of a dance

Unique, yet danced a million times

By lovers of yore, since a time stretching behind

One that all living creatures in love

Yearn to dance, wired in their being.


The pure joy of merging, molding and entwining

Of becoming one, with their tiny hearts fusing

At times separating, stretching, floating lazily

Still held together by that tiny strand of love

A dance so rapturous, so joyously they do.


The whole cosmos submerged in heavenly music

The chatter of the leaves, the thud of falling fruits

Adding rhythm and rhyme to the lover’s song

A petal flew from afar, swayed to their tune

Then flew off in search of its own mate.


Then the wind grew tired, stopped her singing

The two floating lovers stunned to stillness

Dropped down to the earth, lying off each other

On the harsh ground, along with stones and thorns.


When the wind blew again off they floated

But as strangers, not wanting to create again

The heady whirling of a passionate dance

Each in their separate ways, yawning

Not bothering to wave goodbye

Two floating feathers, blowing to nowhere.


Copyright ©2018angelbeamsblog



Falling out of love



The gaze which seemed to pour out love

Love like the cool mist against my visage

Love like an unearthly element

Which enveloped my whole being and more

Penetrating my core and permeating unto my spirit in the heavens.


Suddenly this love beckons me not

To bask in your cool breath, in your warm sunshine

It holds not the tenderness, though I know t’is there

Softness once so familiar for which I ached

Now simply a strange sensation, totally alien and empty.


Fragrance which was heady and light

Transporting me to a paradise solely ours

No more does it fan me, like the silky feathers it used to be

Alas, the fragrance I still sense, like the mundane scents

Of a life mundane with chores and strain

But t’is the paradise I lost.


Have I fallen out of love?

Your love which cocooned me like the mother of pearl

Keeping me safe and iridescent

My luster intact during the darkest hours.


Have I grown more lustrous? More luminous

That I need to shed your love?

Like the pearl, the moth, the glistening serpent

Like the child in the womb, who despite the nourishing love

Can no longer withhold falling into this world of sorrow and joy?

And everything in between?


Have I fallen out of your love?

Has my heart, the keeper of my feelings

Had its fill that it feels satiated

Beyond a contentment that it repels your love?


A love so sublime, so rapturous it was

Spiraling into dizzying heights of exploding stars

“Ephemeral” “illusive”, we console bosom friends

Burning in the flames of scorned love

I search for words to justify my heart

Keeping aloof with that of the other

Don’t you sense, my love, that you transformed into “the Other”?


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog2018

Painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir 019 The Yorck project



Just a corner of my heart

Just a corner of my heart


This is where I lock up my feelings

Feelings sometimes ridiculed in a cruel world

Where a certain logic reigns supreme

Trying to bind every being with invisible chains.


Supremacy of the ego, with all its ugly facets,

Competition, rivalry and jealousy

Join together, often hiding behind a mask of prestige

Leading man to bite and snarl, growl and kill.


Killing the tender feelings, soft and soothing

Lying dormant in every beating heart

Not knowing that each pulse, each beat

Is still purity and love flowing through veins.


So I lock up safely my little joys

The minuscule specks of love and romance

The memories of touch, flaring with passion

Or soothing and soft, cool as a cloud.


Memories of kisses, exchanged in the heat of a love

Which melt down with a sweetness sticky and soft

A sweetness which clings on, lingering forever

Not wanting to leave this altar of love.


In this corner of my heart I arrange them neatly

To be taken out time and again

At the sight of a flower, at the hum of a bee

A secret joy known only to the heart and soul.


Just a corner of my heart, but the space is infinite

I go on adding meaningful moments

Everything tied to this precious love

Every ache, every scar, every throb brought by separation.


They say time wipes away everything, “but no”,

I say; we just lock our memories away

For eternity they lie, in this corner of my heart

Alive and throbbing, yet silent and still


I take them out, I put them back

In moments of solitude, often mistaken for loneliness

The radiance of these jewels, make my whole being

Glow with a silken light, soft and alluring.


Copyright ©angelbeams 2018

Photo courtesy Pinterest






My Love………   

my love       


As we gaze at the moon

We believe,

Its rays shower their pearly glow on us alone,

Because we are special, you and I.


As we relish the night breeze

We believe,

It blows softly just to wrap us both in the fragrance of roses.

Two special lovers, you and I.


As we laugh at the waves

We believe,

They come rushing to tickle our feet since they like our laughter.

Pure, tinkling with the sheer joy of togetherness.


As we look up at the clouds

We believe,

The patterns they form narrate a special story.

The fairy tale of our love, so simple, yet so deep.


As we listen to the trees whispering

We hear,

An enchanting language, our special language

In which each word rings with the music of profound love.


As we quench our thirst

With water from the crystal stream

We taste,

The nectar of love,

The sweetness making us melt into little silver drops

Falling on earth with gay abandon.


This is our world My Love,

Where each blade of grass

Shimmers with a beauty beyond compare.

No words spoken, the stillness so enchanting,

So intoxicating, with the magic of love

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Picture courtesy Pinterest

The Crystal Story

the crystal story

Gazing at my five crystal friends

Though mere stones, they seemed bonded for life

As they sit atop my angel altar

Happy and glowing, peaceful in each other’s presence.


Five of them, all alike and unlike

Clear white, with streaks, cuts and bruises

Specks of green and rainbow colours

Reflecting all of their splendour to me.


“Soulmates we are”, they began their story

“Eons old, together we travelled

Journeying along through different ages

Meeting mammoths, mankind, creatures of all sorts.


Breathing in air, sometimes under water

Atop mountains or hidden in deep caverns

Wherever we are, our energies vibrate

To a single rhythm with an elevated soul.


Our experiences are no less than yours

Love, loneliness, pain, we’ve seen it all

Gathered through our voyage across time

Across elements, across cultures as civilization unfolded.


These little cuts on us are scars of a memory

Painful sometimes, sad and despairing

These streaks and bruises also sing a story

Of an unkind Nature, shooting her molten lava around.


We tumbled and rolled, losing each other at times

Oh! The pain of separation! Unbearable sheer torture

As one lies alone amidst strange rocks

Silent tears solidifying into this pattern you see.


Finally we meet, as we are picked up by little hands

Angels, little children, fascinated by our patterns

They smoothe us with their loving hands

Clean us with precious sparkling water.


Here we are for you, grateful as we are

To be together forever, in your little corner

Pick us up, when you feel down and low

We can wipe your tears, as they flow from your soul.


Though not of flesh, not of your kind

We feel, we pulsate, throb and vibrate

Know that only forms and shapes differ

Emotions and sentiments, deep down, stay same…..

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Picture courtesy Pinterest Blue mermaid with crystals


music of silence


In this seemingly endless cacophony

Of honking, humming, chirping and roaring

I search in vain for that little bit of silence

That speaks volumes without sound, without words.


That teeny weeny silence, drowned by vibrations

The pulse of the earth, they say

Beating to a rhythm of everyday creation

Everything man made, everything man said.


I long to spend slow, silent nights

Under a starry sky, perfumed by the breeze

The silence of the moonbeams make music

To which the stars seem to dance twinkle-toed.


But no, the thoughts in my head protest

They go on a strike with slogans louder and louder

Submerging even the softest music born in my heart

Those moments of tranquil quiet, peaceful emotions.


Silent maternal feelings as a baby blissfully suckles

Silent tears falling as a lover says goodbye

Silence all around when love-birds huddle closer

From this glorious silence, there is music emanating.


The music when a rose-bud slowly blossoms

Only the buzzing bee hears, though a selfish lover he is

Drowning this melody with his constant humming

Sharing neither the nectar, nor his love’s love-song.


The music when a new life begins within a shell

As the mother-bird sits quietly giving her warmth

She started this music long before, as silent flapping wings

Searching for twig after twig to build her nest.


There are moments when I crave for this music

The inaudible notes of unseen strings

The melodious rhythm of a serene quietude

Hanging in the stillness, in the air all around.


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This eternal quest
For what, I am still unaware
I turn in all directions
Tentative steps in new paths
Paths leading where?
Paths I never knew were there.

Logic and reason
Making fun of me
Doubt and fear compete
To become my close companions
Fight them I must.
But no, they only become stronger.

Ignore them I try
But cunning as they are
They sneak up unawares
With their eternal ‘I told you so’
They always seem right
They always seem to rule.

But each time I succumb
To logic and reason
A tiny light? A flash of tenderness?
Something signals to me
“Your calling lies elsewhere.”

Each time fear kisses me
Stealing the warmth of my breath
Gripping my wavering heart
With its cold grimy fingers
An ember tries its best
To ward off this dreaded chillness.

Each time doubt whispers
Its sweet nothings to my soul
Fanning the cold wave
Which sweeps away fulfillment
I hear a tiny voice
So sweet, so true it rings.

“Break away our chains”
Together they cry
“Let us flow freely
For we are your power
Your secret to eternal bliss.”

“We lie inside you
We can never leave you
Logic, reason, doubt and fear
Your so-called well-wishers
Can only smother us
But never can they
Make us vanish.
The Supreme Power
That created you
Embedded us in your soul.
Like a jewel we lie
To emerge when it’s time.”

“It’s time, let us flow out
Let us lead you
In your true path
To bring out
All your hidden sparkle
All your hidden beauty.
We are your strength
We make you unique
For you, and you alone
Can fulfill the purpose
The purpose for which you were born.”

Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture Courtesy Tatyana Markovtsev pinterest


Plight of angels


Angel, trapped in a human body

Feeling the thousand torments of a human soul

Feeling the thousand cuts of a bleeding heart

Yet forced to smile, for angel she was.


Sunsets and birds, seen with human eyes

Whispered words heard with a human ear

Cuts and wounds engraved in a human heart

Make her more human, though angel she was.


Endowed with five senses, a body and hunger pangs

To feel human pain, to feel human joy

To weep with a fellow-being, to laugh open-hearted

Now better she can, angel in a human body.


She wiped tears, she listened patiently

She prayed for goodness endless times

She was soothing balm for bruised egos

Tireless she worked, for angel she was.


The strength to support the fallen

She drew from her wings, such dainty wings

Yes, light as a feather, but strong as steel

Weak she couldn’t be, for angel she was.


Feeding the hungry, loving the love-lorn

Swift as a steed, flying from soul to soul

Like rain upon the parched earth

Never drying up, for angel she was.


But hunger and thirst she feels too

Pain and despair she knows very well

Turmoil and turbulence shake her very being

For angel she is, trapped in a human body.


Searching for other angels, trapped like her

In bodies dense with dark thoughts and emotions

While running about from soul to soul

She pauses a second, eyes sweeping the crowd.


Still searching, for she too needs a warm hug

Tender fingers wiping a flowing tear

Soothing words murmuring solace in her ear

For angel she is, yet trapped in a human body.


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Picture courtesy Pinterest Angelspoem- By Lang Leavo