Floating Feathers

floating feathers


Two white feathers, blowing from nowhere

Dancing in the air, total surrender

To the fancies of the wind

Each with a story to tell

Of precious moments in a journey, of tears, of smiles.


Blown from nowhere, but brought together

By a Providence whose purpose an eternal mystery

But still they decide to get along

And dance they did to the music of the wind

Two white feathers they be.


The synchrony, the harmony, the grace of a dance

Unique, yet danced a million times

By lovers of yore, since a time stretching behind

One that all living creatures in love

Yearn to dance, wired in their being.


The pure joy of merging, molding and entwining

Of becoming one, with their tiny hearts fusing

At times separating, stretching, floating lazily

Still held together by that tiny strand of love

A dance so rapturous, so joyously they do.


The whole cosmos submerged in heavenly music

The chatter of the leaves, the thud of falling fruits

Adding rhythm and rhyme to the lover’s song

A petal flew from afar, swayed to their tune

Then flew off in search of its own mate.


Then the wind grew tired, stopped her singing

The two floating lovers stunned to stillness

Dropped down to the earth, lying off each other

On the harsh ground, along with stones and thorns.


When the wind blew again off they floated

But as strangers, not wanting to create again

The heady whirling of a passionate dance

Each in their separate ways, yawning

Not bothering to wave goodbye

Two floating feathers, blowing to nowhere.


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forgiveness 2


Accusing eyes, chiding voices all around

Bravely I put on my mask of nonchalance

Which I keep handy, when fingers point at me.

But behind the mask a new wave of emotion

Surges with force, shattering my soul to fragments.


Each passing year etches another line on my face

Another silver streak painted in my curtain of hair

Memories, memories bringing joy or pain

As each petal of my heart slowly unfolds

A day I wish to relive, or one I wish to erase


I seem to have ripened, as I no longer cry

When a sparrow flies away or a butterfly flits by

I no longer ache when blooming flowers fade

For I know that tomorrow holds more of the same

Lives change, yes, but new life emerges, as always.


Yes, I seem to have ripened, I easily forgive

A taunt, a snide remark, a little venomous lie

I’ve ceased to complain when the fruits of my labour

Are taken for granted, dismissed as mundane

Like air, water, sunshine. They never complain.


But have I really ripened? I wonder

For I cower in fear, crouch in shame

Suddenly I feel raw, vulnerable, unsure

This little child in me, still the same

Refusing to grow, mature, and wizen.


Denying time and again that life is my school

That each dawning day is just another lesson

Learnt by making mistakes, slipping once in a while

But no, the child herself becomes the Master

Strict and unforgiving, bringing down the cane.


Punishing master, tormented pupil

Both housed in the same body

The body, the temple of the soul they say

With the constant schism between stern master and fearful child

What becomes of the soul? And of the temple?


Anguished pleas for forgiveness, of no avail

Master Guilt strikes hard with his iron rod

Accusing eyes, chiding voices all around

But no, they are within me, in my private world

Guilt assuming mountainous form, crushing my heart.


“God” I cry, “Do you not see this helpless child?”

“Yes”, He says “I see you, for I am within and without.”

“Tis you who do not see me, for you house monsters like this”

“Who go by the name of Guilt, Shame and Unworthiness

Feeding upon your soul, fat and ugly parasites.”


“Forgive, forgive yourself, see the beauty within”

“For I have planted little jewels in every one of you”

“With each crack of your heart these jewels can shine through”

“But tis your own will to dig up these gems”

“Clean and polish them as to let their sparkle out.”


“The monsters within are nothing but darkness”

“Lack of light to which you yourself add shape”

“You see them within, you see them without”

“Choose now to dissolve them with your own light”

For seen through forgiving eyes, the whole world becomes bright.”


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Painting: The Dance of the Soul by Galina Grygoruk (Saatchi Art)

The Vision Of Saint Nicholas

The truth behind any festival of joy. Love.

Uncle Tree's House


Before he found his true mission,

Santa Claus had a glorious vision.

I sent him a letter last year, you see.

And he wrote one back for you and me!

If just for one day a year

I could wipe away every tear

Melt away every fear

Play carols for those who won’t hear


If just for one day a year

Mankind would pause and lend an ear

Gaze at the silent star’s light

Imagine a Peace that shines as bright

If just for one day a year

You could love the One who’s so sincere

Forgive what has gone before

(Leave cookies and milk by the door)


By the Christmas Tree Of Life,

I leave you a secret treasure.

It is a key to your heart,

No man nor mind can measure!

Merry Christmas!

Uncle Tree

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Moon chatting

moon chatting

Each ray of light has a story to tell

As I gaze mesmerized at the full moon

Like a wide-eyed child gazing at Grandma

For yet another fairytale, woven on a magic carpet.


In the stage set by the clear clean sky

Clouds shooed away by the moonbeams

Stars feel shy and vanish behind the curtains

An occasional nightbird comes calling but doesn’t stay the night.


The light from the moon wrapping me like a cloak

Is it day? Is it night? I fail to recognize

A feeling so enchanting, so mystical, so heavenly

I almost embark on a ray of light skywards.


This secret conversation, this secret union

As each moonbeam pierces straight through into my heart

All my secrets unraveled, all my masks stripped off

My raw, naked emotions bathed in a divine glow.


“I too experience dark nights”, said he

“Every fortnight my darker side gets unveiled

Bit by bit, I lose my glow as pain surfaces

Unbearable it becomes, forcing me to hide.”


“Lonely nights I too get

As my merry twinkling lovers abandon me

The scented breeze conspires with the clouds

Leading them away, as alone I stand.”


“See yourself in me, your beauty shining

To touch another lonely heart somewhere, sometime

The love springing from you never goes astray

It knows to reach its point, finding its way.”


This is how it should be, strummed my heart

Or was it the moon talking? I do not know

For we seemed like one, the moon and I

Emanating light all around, humming a harmonious tune.


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Picture Courtesy Pinterest

Soul Fragments

soul fragments

                                                         (Pinterest – Wild Soul Wellness)

Feelings, feelings, swirling within me

Pieces of my soul in a hundred different forms


Love, big chunks wrapped and sent along

With each gaze, each act, in your direction

Each time you reject it, these bits of my soul

Are scattered aimlessly, floating, like a dandelion in the wind.


Joy, fine powder of my soul

Sprinkled in all my words and deeds

So fine they are, you can inhale them

Sending tinkling warmth along your veins.


Sometimes, my soul, shattered, sends

Shards sharp and stinging

Flying all over, often without aim

Hurting all around, with my angry bitter words.


Often in times of loss and sadness

My soul is squeezed with an invisible hand

Droplets of pain in the form of tears

Escape from mine eyes

Despite my pleas not to flow.


Melancholy, when my soul

Becomes a viscous liquid

Coursing through my body,

Making each movement sluggish

Too thick an emotion

To flow out of my eyes

A marshy swamp within me, sucking whole

The beauty, the fragrance, the essence of life.


Perhaps the ugliest form is jealousy

When my soul is split into streaks

Each one like an arrow flies out

Sometimes seen, sometimes hidden

Piercing my target, piercing his soul.


Along come loneliness and despair,

Descending heavily

Weighing a ton, my soul, crushing and shrinking

In vain, I search for a shoulder to lean on

Another soul, a mate whose hand I long to hold.


The lightest feeling comes as bliss

When my soul gets transformed slowly

Incorporating love, joy and passion

A heady mixture, making me tremble

In your presence it expands and reaches out

To merge as one, with your soul.


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teardrop 2


A single teardrop shed,

Not out of pain but,

Of love gained.

For the flicker you kindled in my heart

Has grown into an everlasting flame.


Another teardrop shed,

Not for things lost but,

For the fulfillment that

Those sweet moments together hold

Rich enough to last a lifetime.


And another teardrop shed,

Not out of pining

For love lost but,

Out of the bliss

That thoughts of you bring.


And another and another shed…..

Since all I yearn in life

Is to bask

In the glory of your love.


And then one single large teardrop shed

Maybe, maybe……………..

For the missed second when you offered your heart

And I, in the numbness of youth,

Failed to reach out

And grasp it to my bosom.


Still the teardrops are forever fresh;

Dewdrops lazing languidly

In the rosebuds you planted in me

Refusing to vaporize.


They know it will always be dawn

For you are there, my love

The rising sun spraying

Freshness and light in my garden.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

The Darkest Hour

caerys Walsh revelations

(Painting by Caerys Walsh -abstract art contemporary painting canvas. Pinterest)

I pushed you down into the deepest crevice of my soul

For, afraid I was of you, my sparkling pure love.

Your light would shine, or so I felt,

On my ugliness, revealing me for the wretch I am.


“Ugly”, they said, “that’s what you are!”

“Love?” They mocked, “Not for you.”

“Prince Charming!” They laughed. “A beggar maybe.”

“Who can nary clothe you, feed you,

Hold a roof above you.”


“Marry,” they said. “Dance to our tuneless music.”

“Breathe not,” they ordered, “not a word of our lies.”

“Weep,” they cursed, “but let not the tears flow.”

“Smile to the world,

Show not the pain in your eyes.”


This is happiness, they taught me to believe

This is life, they decided for me.

So I danced, wept, smiled, laughed.

Struggling against the strong currents of the sea.


For a sea it was, a sea of sorrow

At times calm and serene, at times turbulent

Fighting against the dreams of tomorrow

I tried, I swear, to keep myself afloat.


They did not teach that emptiness is also a feeling

A feeling so heavy despite being a void

How would they know?  Poor wretches

Bending under their cross,

They eventually become the cross.


Emptiness, yes, a void in my heart

Crushing heavy like lead

Darkness, yes, dense, thick and spreading

Blowing out coldly

The little warmth left.


Spreading outwards, creeping silently like a malaise

The hollowness swallowing whole my words and deeds

One day saw I myself in the mirror

“Aah,” I cried, “hollow my eyes, hollow my heart.”


But lo and behold!

Out you emerged from your depths!

An ember glowing, a tiny spark

You, my love, refusing to be crushed

Sneaking out playfully from the dark.


This time I fanned you, fed you with my milk

You grew up fast, filling every inch of me

This time I refused to chain you

For prisoner you cannot be eternally.


Your lightness, your grace,

The tinkling joy that you are

Like air, like water

You flow out when you are free


Now my spirit flies, now my heart sings

My eyes see the beauty in every single thing.

My feet take a spring, my love

For they know that

Every dancing step

brings me closer to you.


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yellow orchid

As the third bloom slowly opens its dainty petals
An angel peeps out, beckoning to me
To bask in its beauty, spraying a divine fragrance
A fragrance hitherto unknown, tingling my five senses.

A delicate fragrance caressing me softly
Like the kisses you shower on my face
A fragrance sweeping over like laughing waves
Speckles of love, dancing all around.

A fragrance, like heavenly music from an angel’s harp
Whispering love-notes, only for mine ears
Carrying me swiftly into another world
Filling my soul with droplets of your feelings.

A fragrance, tantalizing my taste-buds
A taste so pure and tender
A taste which makes me hunger for more
Of a love so sweet, delicate and sublime.

Orchids, emanating beams of luminous love
Pouring out perfumes of an exotic nature
I never knew love tasted so exquisite
Nor felt like a feathery touch so achingly soft.

Orchids, each petal woven by the silken threads
Of my feelings, into fine motifs, delicate designs
Poverty of words, I search in the depths
To transform into language this tenderness

The tiny angel smiles, for she knows
“This is your heart, what you hold within you
Open each petal, the fabric of your love
To permeate far into another love-lorn heart.”

Copyright ©angelbeamsblog