Soft roses blooming in an upturned face

As a gaze showering beams of purest feelings

Seeks to pour out all the love and longing

Swelling in the other’s heart

Like the rays of sunlight starting off a spurt of growth

Of the flowery plant yearning to show off her art

All the love hidden till this moment of fascination

Comes to the fore, making his beloved blush.

The pinkish red roses, special, just for him

Set the scene for the dance of twinkling eyes

As they flit across shyly towards him

And dart away as swiftly, to gaze at nothingness

Curious, the feelings that another heart can whip up

Which find their way slowly to the glowing cheeks

That try in vain to hide them.

If a gaze could make her roses bloom

With a beauty that nature has to compete with

If this is what love at first sight does

To a doe ripe enough to be held and kissed

Then what wonders still await to unfold

When love yearns to flow out and unite

With the heart that was throbbing all along

And which leaps with joy, as the first glance itself

Sends a passion causing her rosebuds to open?

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Picture : Blush – Bella’s Art studio


Lovelorn hearts

Like the lone star, scintillating quietly

Too shy of proclaiming her love to the moon

She knows that it’s her destiny

For he’s not yet ready to reciprocate her love

Wait she must patiently, till the divine moment

When his heart becomes full and whole

Luminous, glowing, enveloping her being

Making her vanish into his creamy peach light.

Like the lone star I wait

For the love in his heart to rise to his eyes

The signal that his whole being is aware

The sign that he’s become the full moon.

Like the water lily, waiting for twilight

To dream of her lover, in the melody of the silent night

Sending streams of love from her bloom

To an unknown lover, waiting beyond

Hoping to send a frisson to his heart

To wake up his dormant love, rightfully hers

Like the water lily I gaze at the dark sky

Sending my thoughts out to call upon my love

To awaken a spirit in blissful slumber

It’s time, to embark on a journey of the unknown

To discover the pleasures and perils of a feeling

That for which every human is born.

Love letters

Love letters, love-filled wisps of white,

Floating in the endless sky

Water-vapours of feelings

Emanating from your throbbing heart

Condensing into thick clouds

Travelling great distances, to pour out your love

Into me, as I stand drenched in the downpour.

Love letters, in the form of butterflies

Flitting from one bloom to another

Hues of love streaming from your eyes

Painted on their wings lending them unmatched beauty

I listen closely, as they flutter their wings

To whisper your heart’s messages to me.

Love letters, written on parchments of leaves

Etched with the love pouring from your heart

They ride dangerously on heady currents of water

Rush excitedly to deliver your message

Standing by the mad silver brook

I collect these little green lovenotes with greed.

Kisses full of love, flying from your lips

Misty with the heavy scent of your passion

Now the gentle wind offers to play messenger-boy

Promising to deliver each one of them

Without fail, as I stand mesmerised in the high cliff.

Each element of nature loves a love-story

Each element loves to play cupid

Each pebble, each stone, craves to carry love

To fulfill the yearning of aching hearts.

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Picture courtesy Pinterest, Victor-Gabriel Gilbert

“A Young Lady Writing a Letter”