Just a corner of my heart

Just a corner of my heart


This is where I lock up my feelings

Feelings sometimes ridiculed in a cruel world

Where a certain logic reigns supreme

Trying to bind every being with invisible chains.


Supremacy of the ego, with all its ugly facets,

Competition, rivalry and jealousy

Join together, often hiding behind a mask of prestige

Leading man to bite and snarl, growl and kill.


Killing the tender feelings, soft and soothing

Lying dormant in every beating heart

Not knowing that each pulse, each beat

Is still purity and love flowing through veins.


So I lock up safely my little joys

The minuscule specks of love and romance

The memories of touch, flaring with passion

Or soothing and soft, cool as a cloud.


Memories of kisses, exchanged in the heat of a love

Which melt down with a sweetness sticky and soft

A sweetness which clings on, lingering forever

Not wanting to leave this altar of love.


In this corner of my heart I arrange them neatly

To be taken out time and again

At the sight of a flower, at the hum of a bee

A secret joy known only to the heart and soul.


Just a corner of my heart, but the space is infinite

I go on adding meaningful moments

Everything tied to this precious love

Every ache, every scar, every throb brought by separation.


They say time wipes away everything, “but no”,

I say; we just lock our memories away

For eternity they lie, in this corner of my heart

Alive and throbbing, yet silent and still


I take them out, I put them back

In moments of solitude, often mistaken for loneliness

The radiance of these jewels, make my whole being

Glow with a silken light, soft and alluring.


Copyright ©angelbeams 2018

Photo courtesy Pinterest







10 thoughts on “Just a corner of my heart”

  1. Il est vrai que le temps n’efface pas le grand amour. Nous avons juste cette capacité à l’enfermer quelque part tout au fond de notre mémoire.
    Très beau poème Nita j’aime beaucoup


  2. Loved your poem, Nita. Clearly came from your heart! The memories you’ve stowed away there will emerge in the form of more poems, I hope.


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