First kiss


As lips touched each other for the first time

The air enveloping them blushed pink

Like a warm cocoon sealing out the world

For the lovers, lips locked in love.


No explosion of stars around, no bells ringing

No electrifying current running through veins

Just a kiss, as if they always kissed

Started in a long-distant past, continued till eternity.


As lips and tongue started making love to each other

All the invisible walls between them

Crumpled, like sandcastles in the beach

Washed away by the waves of a deeper knowing.


In this love-infused cocoon humming its own melody

A different language spoken by the lips fused as one

Sentiments buried in the other’s heart suddenly becoming clear

A love-song hitherto unheard, unique to the lovers.


In this timeless heavenly body created by the first kiss

Walls of doubt and uncertainty, gifted by a rational world

Get dissolved, all the past pain and hurt

Carried around like an invisible gloomy cloak.


Nothing existed in this luminous cocoon

Only love and heady passion

All notions of time, place and imagined obligations

Losing the significance attributed to them.


In their place new pearls and corals

Treasures from the sea, brought ashore suddenly

By the waves of passion, strewn around to shine softly

In a paradise born when lips touched.


Copyright ©angelbeamsblog

Picture: Pinterest


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